Friday, 16 July 2010

I've finally found THE ONE!


I've been in search of a denim jacket for some time. Since before the beginning of the 'Summer'. But for some reason, I have had absolutely no luck. Well actually, I think I have discovered the reason. I have worked out that I haven't found one because I don't actually like denim jackets.

Now, I love denim. I have more jeans and jeggings and shorts than can comfortably fit into my wardrobe. So it isn't the fabric I have a problem with. This just really leaves the style. And if I think back, to all the denim jackets I've had over the years, I don't think I ever really LOVED them as I should. I never really felt like myself in them, they always lacked the glamour that I crave, and they felt like they belonged to someone else. Wow, this is like a new discovery of self-knowledge! Obviously, my tongue is in my cheek, but within the realms of my obsession with clothes, this is pretty serious stuff.

So the fact that I now know that I don't like denim jackets did not distract me from my quest to find Ree's perfect denim jacket. Oh no. I don't give up at the first hurdle, even if it is, in a fashion terms, a fairly major hurdle. And, guess what? I've found one. I'm 35 and I can finally stand up and say that I have found MY perfect denim jacket!!This is a fireworks moment.

And here it is, with me in it:

Jacket, Marc by Marc Jacobs, on sale, £98, The Outnet
Basic Vest, Topshop
Skirt, Topshop, on sale £10
Shoeboots, Dorothy Perkins, on sale, £7
Silver bracelet, Oliver Bonas
Leather bracelet, Topshop
Photographs by Kerry Webber

And here it is without me, for some of the finer details:

I love it. I have finally found the one!

Have you had a fashion epiphany recently?

Can't wait to hear from you



  1. I am also in search of a denim jacket, its been on my wish list for years! Yours looks great on you and like you I have more jeans than is legally allowed!

  2. Wow it is utterly perfect! :)

  3. I heart that jacket!!!! I am the same I don't like them either - more to the point cannot find one that suits my frame! My sister on the other hand has approx. 12 of them!

  4. love the jacket! and the boots are hot!!!!

  5. aah, beautiful girl!!! - such a good choice - timeless litle jacket :) x

  6. Anonymous16/7/10

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous....perfect on you too xx

  7. Ooh, very cute!! It really suits you :)

  8. Oh love the new jacket! I've been looking for a cute denim jacket myself :) Great choice.

  9. Loves the jacket! Absolutely chic!



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