Tuesday, 27 July 2010

My A/W10 Wishlist - Part Three

So I've had a little rest from my Autumn Winter wishlist series because it's been lovely and summery and gorgeous. But after a hot and sticky evening spent in London last night, I find myself once again fantasising about next season with cooler temperatures and gorgeous new clothes. My credit card just twitched in my purse when I typed that.

You see, I am not built for summer. I'm a freckly girly with ginger skin. Factor 50 is my friend. And of course fake tan. In fact, I don't think I have seen my natural skin colour since about 2003. And this is good news for everyone because, if I remember rightly, it's blue!

Anyway, I'm a winter person. I like layering and wrapping up warm and swishing around in lovely coats. This is the third look for my wishlist. I'm using lace, which I am loving at the moment and enjoying mixing natural tones with black.

Cream Lace Military Top, Marks and Spencer, £39.50 (out September)
Tailored Tan Shorts, Next, £28
Highland Cape, French Connection, £160
Picton Bag, Reiss, £265
Shoeboot, Dune, coming soon
Peacock Pearl Spiral Pendant, Azendi Jewellery, £45

I am really loving the neutral tones but I promise to inject some colour for Part Four. Click here to see Part One and Part Two.

So how are you feeling about next season? Are you a Summer or a Winter person?

Can't wait to hear from you



  1. You have wonderful taste!! I think I am a winter person because as much as summer clothes are nice I think but there is less choice! And in England I end up wearing trousers most of the time anyway during summer!! :)

  2. Summer. Love being able to just put on a dress and sandals. Great pics though. The only thing I love about winter is my Isabella Oliver cape and LV scarf!

  3. very classic and subtle styling, lovely!

  4. gorgeous ... I can have this all, yes? :) why thankyou! :P x

  5. Ree, I love them all! Especially the lace top!

  6. Love all the neutral shades, love those boots! x

  7. Anonymous27/7/10

    I really like the lace top, i'll be looking out for that one ..... the bag is gorgeous too, can't wait for the next installment, i too am a winter person, fake tan is sooo much bother! looking forward to covering up!! xxx

  8. Anonymous28/7/10

    I must agree with you on the whole "Winter Person" idea! I myself am also a winter girl, and always imagine my winter wardrobe during these summer months! It gets rather exciting in my opinion waiting for the newest winter/fall trends to come out ;)
    Great post!!

  9. I like your choice for pants. It looks good on tall women and the coat matches perfectly.

  10. I am a summer person, am very lucky to tan pretty much after stepping outside (when the sun actually bothers to shine) I dont cope with winter much.. But I do love AW trends and I do get excited about mid July, researching all the new season looks. I love outfit three, everything. The boots are hot,the coat very snuggly and the cream shorts and lace top are simply beautiful.

  11. I'm a winter girl. All the way.

    It seems like everyone is merrymaking in the sunshine right now, but - like a moth to a flame - I keep drifting away to Net-a-Porter to lust over winter coats.

    Sarah x

    STYLE SOUK - Fashion Blog

  12. I NEEEEEED that top!! <3



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