Monday, 19 July 2010

The Short Story

Hooray hooray! Summer's back again - everyone touch wood. So I thought it would be appropriate to have a tiny rest  from 'My Autumn Winter Wishlist' series (click here for Part One and Part Two), and celebrate a lovely summery look again.

These, here, are another brilliant Outnet bargain. They are my Marc, by Marc Jacobs denim shorts which I am absolutely loving. It is actually quite an effort to stop myself putting them on every morning. I'm trying hard not to get stuck in that rut.

I love these beauties because they are high waisted and extremely flattering. Every time I put them on, I instantly feel slimmer. The turn ups, the loops and the gorgeous fabric covered buttons are details to die for.  They are also super comfy!

And of course, the best thing about them, they go with practically everything. Hence the fight not to sling them on everyday! After finally finding The ONE with my Marc by Marc Jacobs denim jacket, I am really starting to fall for this brand, especially with the Outnet discount prices. These shorts are on sale at £68 reduced from £195. Who can say fairer than that?

Shorts, Marc by Marc Jacobs at the Outnet £68 reduced from £195
Vest, Allsaints £25
Wedges, Bertie, 36 reduced from £75 at Selfridges
Pearl Coil Personalised Initial Bracelet, present from John Wind himself!!!! John Wind Maximal Art
Butterfly Necklace, vintage Primark (!)
Aviators, Tom Ford
Photograph by Kerry Webber

Sorry about the smug expression, but I'm so happy to be owning these shorts right now! 

Which item in your wardrobe are you addicted to at the moment? FYI - I'm wearing these shorts as I type!

Can't wait to hear from you



  1. ooh I really like your style! definitely following :)

  2. Anonymous19/7/10

    I want them.....not sure they'd look as good on me tho??!! xx

  3. Oooh, very cute!!

    Perfect for the hot weather :D

  4. love the shorts, very sailor-esque!

    ...look closer

  5. Hi there and thanks for commenting on my blog - love the shorts, sadly my legs are passed their sell-by-date so I need a bit more coverage. I can't stop wearing a pair of faded black 3/4 track pants from Uniqlo ( I like to think they look like Alexander Wang!)

  6. PS yes it was Southwold in Suffolk

  7. The shorts look great on you! I always wear an old denim pair of bermuda's from Juicy Couture - they come out every summer so were well worth the £100!

  8. Just discovered your blog and LOVE it! xx

    Now linking to you from

    PS. you look super cute in thosee shorts :)

  9. I can't get enough of my men's cargo shorts. Lol! By far my favorite piece in my closet this summer... it's super bag and comfy, and so unexpected of me. Your shorts are super cute.

  10. These are lovely! I find it impossible to find the perfect pair of shorts! nice summery post! xxx



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