Sunday, 29 August 2010

I'm Black and Blue. In a Good Way

Just thought I would share this with you quickly. I am really loving combining black and dark blue at the moment. A fashion crime in the past, it is now a beautiful combination in these heady days of fashion freedom. Sorry for the slightly OTT tone there, but I'm feeling all skippy today, if you know what I mean!!?

So anyway, I thought I would show you some of my black and blue combining skills. I have thrown in some gold tones which I think add a lovely finishing touch. Also this whole outfit was a super bargain, so I suppose I am attempting to show off my bargain hunting skills in a bid to calm the anxiety I have caused by over shopping and spending.

OK I'm still waffling. So here are some pics. I wore this to the launch of Apothecary at House of Fraser.

Dress, Uttam London, £10 in the sale (with 20% off) at

A gratuitous shot with different pose

And another!

Booties, Primark, £15
Had quite a few comments on these

The booties were super comfy and survived the torrential rain very well

I accessorised with black and gold jewellery, and a cheesy grin.
Please someone tell me what do do with my hair!!!

I really enjoy the 'no rules' approach to fashion that's everywhere at the moment. You can mix colours and metals and patterns and textures and nobody tells you off!

What traditional fashion rules are you enjoying breaking at the moment? I want to break them too!

Can't wait to hear from you


P.S. Photography by my seven year old son, Ben!


  1. haha you look so cute!I've seen those booties, if you say they are comft I may go for them! xx

  2. You look fab!! I like the combo because it works well.

  3. I love black and blue you look gorgeous and so effortlessly stylish! I think Ben might have a future in photography!

  4. Great dress, I love a bargain! looks fab with those shoes!

  5. Anonymous29/8/10

    OMG! how do u always manage to find the bargains?! Or is it just the way you wear them?!You look fab, i love it all.......can i borrow?!!! xx

  6. This outfit is super I love the black and blue together and the boots are tough enough to balance that oh so cute dress.

  7. You look gorgeous! Cute booties!

  8. Tank Girl30/8/10

    Love the boots and only £15

  9. May be almost 2 years ago but wouldn't look out of place this August - maybe teamed with a pair of platform wedges!

  10. I love the dress, very cute!



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