Friday, 30 July 2010

Ladies That Lunch!

Last weekend, my lovely friend Vik and I, went for a fun girly champagne lunch in Butler's Wharf in London. We were meeting up with girls that we hadn't seen for a long time so it was very exciting.

The weather was lovely. Not too hot, not too cold. It was just right. Anyway, enough of that Goldilocks moment. 

I had planned to wear a Halston Heritgae black jersey bustier jumpsuit I snagged in the Selfridges sale for £50, but when I had it on, it felt a bit too serious and sombre for such a frivolous outing. Goodness it just wasn't right! This was bad.  So, literally 5 minutes before my taxi arrived, I tore it off and replaced it with this.

Butterfly Dress, £30,  Love at Topshop
Denim Jacket, £96, Marc by Marc Jacobs, at the Outnet
Wedges, £75, Pied a Terre, at Selfridges

Vik, in true Vik style, (think Monica from friends) wore exactly what she had planned to wear three months ago. This is not a personality trait we have in common. And as planned, of course, she looked gorgeous.

Dress, Marc Jacobs
Bag, Chloe
Shoes, Aldo

And here are a few snaps from the rest of the day.

The Girls

More Girls

Friends Forever

I was really happy in my outfit in the end. The dress had just the right amount of stretch for over indulging in champagne and lobster. Mmmmmm.  It was comfy and cool and worth the stress of the unscheduled outfit overhaul.

Are you a Vik or a Ree? Perfectly planned or lavishly last minute? I have to admit that I'm a fashion schizophrenic, and sway wildly between the two.

Can't wait to hear from you


Thursday, 29 July 2010

The Three Gs. Gorgeous Glam Glasses!

When I was at university I got a voucher for a free eye test and a free pair of glasses. I didn't care that I showed absolutely ZERO signs of any need for glasses. I wanted them because they were free. In the same way that, in those days, I ate two Big Macs instead of one, because, if I bought one, I got one free. My first diet started in the second year!

Anyway, I digress. Forget the Big Macs. I really did fancy a pair of glasses and because I was studying English Lit, and doing an awful lot of reading, I managed to convince the optician that, however slight my prescription was, I REALLY needed the glasses. And I REALLY loved the glasses.

Looking back, they were pretty hideous. But I loved them because I felt just that little bit more intelligent and a tiny bit sexy secretary!

So when I actually got round to starting my first job, I upgraded to another pair and moved up a little in the sex appeal scale. Considering that they were still more of a fashion accessory than a necessity, I wore them whenever I remembered to!

And at each job the glasses got better, and I would put them on especially for the boys! People would come and try them on (because they wanted a piece of the action) and protest that they could detect no difference in vision with them on, or off! I would maintain that I needed them them for VDU and SSL.

Glossary break:
VDU stands for Visual Display Unit, or computer screen in modern day speak (!)
SSL stands for Sexy Secretary Look.

Note the lack of:
SFE stands for Speccy Four Eyes. A now obsolete phrase in our stylish and bespectacled times.

Replaced by:
GGG stands for Gorgeous Glam Glasses

So I find it very exciting that Specsavers are running an amazing competition to find the SPECTACLE WEARER OF THE YEAR 2010, fronted by Gok Wan and Kelly Brooke.

This is for you, if you believe SFE is dead,  and that GGG is the way forward see above for glossary). Click here to enter if you say 'YAY'!!!

You can also visit the Specsaver's Competition facebook page.

The winner will get a contract with Storm Model Management for 12 months and a two week All Inclusive holiday to Barbados or St Lucia.  And also quite a lot more. Kate Moss is with Storm by the way!

And guess what? The Awards Ceremony will be held at the Victoria and Albert Musesum, one of my fave places!

So if you're with the three Gs and can proudly say you  have Gorgeous Glam Glasses, go mad and enter!

And I would love to hear any stories or comments you have about glasses.

Can't wait to hear from you


Note: This is a sponsored post.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Choosing Shoes for Lucy - Have Your Say!

This is Lucy.  She's a close friend of mine and she's going to a christening very soon and has been trying to plan her outfit. Lucy is the godmother so she really wants to look good.

In order to make sure Lucy gets her look spot on, we decided to have a little dress up session and take some photographs.

She has bought a gorgeous dress from Topshop that perfectly suits Lucy's figure. She has big boobs and a tiny waist. What a perfect combination. Let's hope Lucy doesn't mind this dissection of her vital stats! Luckily, she's heard it all before from me.

So here's the dress, with Lucy in it.

Dress, Topshop, £45, available in store
Clutch, Dune
It flatters her figure beautifully. The deep V helps to reduce the expanse of her bust and avoid the old 'mono-boob' syndrome. The puffy sleeves add subtle feminine styling and the cinched in waist, with tulip shape skirt, emphasises her lovely curves.

It's Lucy's perfect dress. But this is the important bit. And here is where you come in. We need help picking shoes. Lucy has three options - all black but all different.

Option 1 - The classic high heeled pump

Option 2 - The strappy sandal

Option 3- The slingback wedge
Lucy and I have different opinions about the options but we can't make an ultimate decision. So we want you to have your say! Fun!

In the comments, please write 'pump', 'strappies', or 'wedge' and if you have time, please tell us why. You can join the debate on facebook too. All you have to do is 'Like' the ReallyRee page and then comment away!

Lucy will wear the shoes with the most votes and we'll be extremely grateful for the help and advice. Thanks so much.

Can't wait to hear from you


Tuesday, 27 July 2010

My A/W10 Wishlist - Part Three

So I've had a little rest from my Autumn Winter wishlist series because it's been lovely and summery and gorgeous. But after a hot and sticky evening spent in London last night, I find myself once again fantasising about next season with cooler temperatures and gorgeous new clothes. My credit card just twitched in my purse when I typed that.

You see, I am not built for summer. I'm a freckly girly with ginger skin. Factor 50 is my friend. And of course fake tan. In fact, I don't think I have seen my natural skin colour since about 2003. And this is good news for everyone because, if I remember rightly, it's blue!

Anyway, I'm a winter person. I like layering and wrapping up warm and swishing around in lovely coats. This is the third look for my wishlist. I'm using lace, which I am loving at the moment and enjoying mixing natural tones with black.

Cream Lace Military Top, Marks and Spencer, £39.50 (out September)
Tailored Tan Shorts, Next, £28
Highland Cape, French Connection, £160
Picton Bag, Reiss, £265
Shoeboot, Dune, coming soon
Peacock Pearl Spiral Pendant, Azendi Jewellery, £45

I am really loving the neutral tones but I promise to inject some colour for Part Four. Click here to see Part One and Part Two.

So how are you feeling about next season? Are you a Summer or a Winter person?

Can't wait to hear from you


Monday, 26 July 2010

In My Dreams....Leopard Mulberry

I love fashion. All types of fashion. I am not ashamed to say that fashion makes me genuinely happy.  I love all the accessible things that I talk about everyday from my favourite high street shops. I also love all the high-end treasures that I know I'll probably never own. I enjoy looking at them, talking about them and appreciating them. Aspiration. Inspiration.

So I have decided to start a series of posts that will indulge my fashion fantasies. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do. Like me, you might just want to look. Or maybe you want to buy? I want to know all about it if you do.

Now I really want a leopard-print bag for next season. I think it will be the perfect accessory to add instant glamour and edge, providing classic chic to pretty much any outfit.

So....'In My Dreams' I am getting the Mulberry Bayswater leopard-print bag, £1650. It is perfection in a handbag. It is sturdy and bold, with gorgeous gold hardware, feet on the base (a detail I always love) and in beautiful calf hair. The leopard-print is subtle and stylish. It will generously house all my everyday essentials and will look super stunning, hanging there in the crook of my arm. Look look look!

This bag and I belong together. 'In my dreams' of course. And.....wake!

What do you think to my leopard-print dream?

Can't wait to hear from you


Images taken from Net-a-Porter.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Lace. Love or Loathe?

Right, there are some patterns and fabrics that I'm always worried that I won't be able to pull off. Florals is one of them. Lace is another.

Now when I think 'Lace', images of grannies and table cloths and old ladies' tea parties explode into my head. I can easily see how a pretty young thing could rock a kind of classic yet edgy look with lace, but at the wrong side of 35, I do worry about running the risk of adding years that I really do not need.

So the other day, I was browsing through the sale. I had been totally seduced by the 'extra 10 per cent off sale items at check out' and I was in one of those moods where I had to buy something, even if I wasn't totally in love with it. It was the day I ended up clicking the Tribal Trousers into the basket.

Anyway, I came across a little pale blue lacy dress by a concession called Rise on I was drawn to it because I have always dreamt about wearing backless dresses, backless tops, backless anythings. But have never been able to because of the load I carry up front. Sorry if this is too much information. Anyway, this was a little bit backless. It had a cut out that would expose a little bit of the back, and some lovely pretty buttons for interesting detail.

I had to have, it was only £15 and don't forget the extra 10 per cent at checkout!!  I had no idea if I'd like it but I was feeling daring, so what the heck?

When it came, I peered at it through its plastic wrapping and once again, I could see the grannies and the tea parties. Oh no. But I was brave. I put it on and guess what fashion lovers? I LOVED it! You're probably not surprised, why else would I devote a post to it?

So now I'm going to make you look at photos of me wearing it. This is, of course, the moment I have been building up to!!

Open your eyes woman!
Wedges, Pied a Terre, £75 on sale at Selfridges
Silver bracelet, Oliver Bonas
Black beads, and leather bracelet, Topshop

That's better. But what's so funny?
Oh yeah! This showing off lark!
The sort of backless bit.
Note to self: Get help with fake tan on the back.
So there you go. Another lovely fashion surprise and a bargain to boot! What d'ya think?

What bargain bits have you snared recently?

Can't wait to hear from you


Photographs by Kerry Webber

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Lovely Lulu!

This beautifully sparkly, fun, flirtatious bag was what I woke up thinking about this morning. You may know that I really love a Clutch and this particular one really ticks all the boxes for me. It is silver satin, delicately bejewelled with a mountain of Swarovski crystalls, and has gorgeous silver snakeskin on the back.

It was a show stopping moment when I laid eyes on this beauty in Bluewater. I had to stand and stare and ooooh and arrrrrh for quite a long time. And then I had to walk away because I'm attempting to implement a shopping ban. Note use of the word attempting. It's very hard as I'm sure you'll all understand. I'm still congratulating myself for just getting out my camera and not my mastercard.

It's the Lulu Guiness Swarovski Silver Crystallised Lips Clutch and it's £595. I'd have had to have been successful on my shopping ban for at least 6 months to justify that!

So for now, I will satisfy myself with this gorgeous picture instead. Or just cry. Because we all know that a photo comes nowhere near. Oh well, life is hard.

Quick Bargain Alert!! The clutch in the backgound is the Raspberry Pixelated Oversize Rose large Pollyanna Clutch which usually retails at £225. Well I noticed on the Lulu website this morning that the price has been slashed to £67.50. Click here if you fancy adding it to your collection. 

What are you lusting after at the moment? Tell me the item that is causing the pain and agony of wanting what you can't have. Or tell me something you've bought to make me jealous! Talking about shopping does run a close second to actually shopping after all.

Can't wait to hear from you


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Virgin Voyage to the Wedge of Reason

My favourite place. The Mighty Selfridges.
Well recently I have entered uncharted fashion territory. I appear to have begun a whole new footwear phase. THE WEDGE.

Considering that this style has been around for quite a long time now, I have always found it very surprising that I have never gone there. And in all fairness, at the age of 35, very, very nearly 36, I really have gone most other places.

So why have I never bought in to the Wedge? It isn't that I haven't tried. I have definitely tried, but when I put them on, I always feel like I'm wearing someone else's shoes. It's like looking down at someone else's feet, which is an odd feeling. And I firmly believe that whatever you wear, you must feel like yourself, or you will never have the confidence to carry off your look with style.

So I have been a completely wedge free zone, until just over a week ago. I'm not quite sure what has happened. Well actually the Selfridges sale definitely had something to do with it, if I'm being honest. You see, I went into Central London for a meeting at the Victoria and Albert Museum and I couldn't resist a little visit to my fave shop, whilst I was in the locality.

Now I tried on three pairs of sale shoes and they were all wedges. Weird. With the help of the enthusiastic and flattering Sales Assistant (I'm a sucker for them), I had bought two of them before I knew it. Travelling back home, swinging my wedge laden yellow bags, I felt like I was walking in a brave new world!

And I love my brave new world. And these are some of the shoes I'm walking in these days.

Bertie £36, reduced from £75
Pied a Terre, £75 reduced from £150
I have been trying to work out why I suddenly like these. Is it because they were such great scores in the discount department? Because of the Selfridges seduction? What? Why? Who? Where? When?!

After much soul searching (!), I decided it was because they didn't have a platform. A platform and a wedge is just too much for me. These were a delicate wedge, just what I have been searching for all along, and I never knew it.

And then today, out of the blue, with no plan, no rhyme or reason, I bought these!

Topshop, £80
Socks, ASOS, £4

The biggest, in your face, platform wedges I've seen! Speaking as, until recently, a Wedge virgin of course. I completely love them and I feel like me in them!

Well who knows? Fashion's a funny thing!

What items have you massively changed your mind about and surprised yourself? Please do share! Help me understand!

Can't wait to hear from you


I Just Wanna Dance All Night long!

Right well I have woken up in the most beautiful of moods. Thank you sunshine. So this mood calls for an outfit and post to match. So here you go!


It's another Outnet bargain from See by Chloe, £36, reduced from £81.

So I'm going to go for a run (good girl) and when I get back, that's what I'm putting on. It's lovely and loose and cool. It looks like it's going to be a scorcher so it will protect my poor ageing skin from the sun. I'm too old and wise for the sun bathing lark now. It's fake all the way for me!

And goodness, I'll probably end up wearing it with my Marc by Marc Jacobs denim shorts that are glued to me at the moment.

Have a great day everyone!

How does your mood affect your choice of clothes?

Can't wait to hear from you


Monday, 19 July 2010

The Short Story

Hooray hooray! Summer's back again - everyone touch wood. So I thought it would be appropriate to have a tiny rest  from 'My Autumn Winter Wishlist' series (click here for Part One and Part Two), and celebrate a lovely summery look again.

These, here, are another brilliant Outnet bargain. They are my Marc, by Marc Jacobs denim shorts which I am absolutely loving. It is actually quite an effort to stop myself putting them on every morning. I'm trying hard not to get stuck in that rut.

I love these beauties because they are high waisted and extremely flattering. Every time I put them on, I instantly feel slimmer. The turn ups, the loops and the gorgeous fabric covered buttons are details to die for.  They are also super comfy!

And of course, the best thing about them, they go with practically everything. Hence the fight not to sling them on everyday! After finally finding The ONE with my Marc by Marc Jacobs denim jacket, I am really starting to fall for this brand, especially with the Outnet discount prices. These shorts are on sale at £68 reduced from £195. Who can say fairer than that?

Shorts, Marc by Marc Jacobs at the Outnet £68 reduced from £195
Vest, Allsaints £25
Wedges, Bertie, 36 reduced from £75 at Selfridges
Pearl Coil Personalised Initial Bracelet, present from John Wind himself!!!! John Wind Maximal Art
Butterfly Necklace, vintage Primark (!)
Aviators, Tom Ford
Photograph by Kerry Webber

Sorry about the smug expression, but I'm so happy to be owning these shorts right now! 

Which item in your wardrobe are you addicted to at the moment? FYI - I'm wearing these shorts as I type!

Can't wait to hear from you


Sunday, 18 July 2010

Trying Tribal

Tribal? So I was a little bit scared by this trend. Just because, you know, I'm no spring chicken, even if I do still feel 18 inside, and all those clich├ęs that people my age spurt when faced by the mutton dressed as lamb dilemma. Oh god, are they a bit young for me? It hurts to type that.

But anyway, I was feeling myself strangely drawn to a pair of tribal print trousers I'd seen online at Cautiously, I went to visit them in the shop, but to my great disappointment, they didn't stock them in my local store. So I was still left hanging. Anyway, I was having a little shop in the DP online sales and suddenly fell foul of the old 'free delivery if you spend more than £75' trick. I clicked the aforementioned tribals into the basket in the most kamikaze of fashions, justifying this crazy move with the free delivery bracket. How could I not?

So they came. And they were exactly as I expected so no surprises there. Here they are.

Me, looking pensive. 'I like these trousers, but will anyone else? And do I care?'


Tribal print trousers,, £25
Vest, Allsaints, £25
Wedges, Bertie, £36 reduced from £75 at Selfridges
Aviators, Tom Ford
Bracelets and Ring, ASOS
Nails, Leighton Denny, Viva La Diva
Photographs by Kerry Webber

So there you have it. I've done it. I've got the tribal trousers. I haven't actually worn them out yet. But I will (I think?) Have you got any pieces that you love but you're a little bit shy to wear? Let me know about your fashion fears.

Can't wait to hear from you


MAC and Rodarte 'Inspired' By Murder City

Well, MAC's latest collaboration with fashion designers, Rodarte, is leaving a very bad taste in people's mouths.

The collection has been inspired by the Mexican factory town, Juarez, where hundreds of murders of local females have taken place. The killers have gone unpunished.

Products in the line are named 'factory', 'Juarez' 'Ghost town', 'del Norte' and 'quiceanera'. Particularly shocking is this blush, which appears to display a blood-streaked quality.

How can a parallel be drawn between the horror these women have suffered and continue to suffer, and a couture clothing line and designer makeup range? 'Distaste' does not begin to describe this opportunistic and exploitative attempt to romanticise the Juarez devastation.

The unceasing rape and murder of females between the ages of 12 and 22, and a makeup range is incongruous, to say the least.

Both MAC and Rodarte have issued statements of apology, but is it enough? Even more sickening, I suspect that, in spite of the outrage caused, both companies will most probably profit from this extra publicity.

MAC's apology states that a proportion of the profits will now be given to help those suffering in Juarez. How disgusting that they didn't think of this before. The afterthought  proves that the whole product launch was so clearly an exercise in profiteering and not one in raising awareness of the horrific crimes and injustice suffered by these women.

What can, and should be done now to put this situation right?
Read other Beauty Blogger's thoughts on this collection:


Images from Temptalia

Saturday, 17 July 2010

My A/W10 Wishlist - Part Two

OK, so I've already established that I want so many new things for next season. And, as I am focussing more and more on this series of posts, I have actually started to dream about the looks I want to create. See, I have a whole folder full of squillions of tops, bottoms and middles that I love, and different gorgeous combinations have been leaping out at me, begging to be an outfit. But this one I'm showing you today came to me in a dream. I am not joking. 

To explain, I am quite a single minded and focussed person. Well that is the nice way of putting it. Some would say that I'm obsessive. I can't help it. Once I get an idea into my head, it just won't leave until it has been thoroughly worked on and transformed into its very own end result. Hence the fact that I have the fashion and the blogging dreams. When I wake up, I have to scribble furiously, so as not lose any of the dream thoughts. Now sometimes, in my semi-conscious state, things seem like good ideas and then when I revisit them in the cold light of day, they are ridiculous, to say the least. But sometimes, just sometimes, they are worth keeping. Anyway, I digress. 

So this is one of my 'dream' outfits. And you can read that both ways! This one is mainly about the khaki skinnies (those have been knocking about in my dreams for a while) but look at all the beautiful items I've teamed them with!!! 

Jumper, H by Henry Holland at Debenhams
Skinnies, New Look
Suede and Sheepskin Cape, Topshop
Clutch, Star by Julien McDonald at Debenhams
Watch, ASOS

Well you won't be surprised when I say, I absolutely love this look. It's the sexiest take on combats, with a fun and form fitting jumper, swishy cape and killer heels. Add a lovely big watch and my favorite, the Clutch, and we have the perfect mix of casual glam. Yummmmm.

Thoughts please!

Click here to see Part One.

Can't wait to hear from you


Friday, 16 July 2010

I've finally found THE ONE!


I've been in search of a denim jacket for some time. Since before the beginning of the 'Summer'. But for some reason, I have had absolutely no luck. Well actually, I think I have discovered the reason. I have worked out that I haven't found one because I don't actually like denim jackets.

Now, I love denim. I have more jeans and jeggings and shorts than can comfortably fit into my wardrobe. So it isn't the fabric I have a problem with. This just really leaves the style. And if I think back, to all the denim jackets I've had over the years, I don't think I ever really LOVED them as I should. I never really felt like myself in them, they always lacked the glamour that I crave, and they felt like they belonged to someone else. Wow, this is like a new discovery of self-knowledge! Obviously, my tongue is in my cheek, but within the realms of my obsession with clothes, this is pretty serious stuff.

So the fact that I now know that I don't like denim jackets did not distract me from my quest to find Ree's perfect denim jacket. Oh no. I don't give up at the first hurdle, even if it is, in a fashion terms, a fairly major hurdle. And, guess what? I've found one. I'm 35 and I can finally stand up and say that I have found MY perfect denim jacket!!This is a fireworks moment.

And here it is, with me in it:

Jacket, Marc by Marc Jacobs, on sale, £98, The Outnet
Basic Vest, Topshop
Skirt, Topshop, on sale £10
Shoeboots, Dorothy Perkins, on sale, £7
Silver bracelet, Oliver Bonas
Leather bracelet, Topshop
Photographs by Kerry Webber

And here it is without me, for some of the finer details:

I love it. I have finally found the one!

Have you had a fashion epiphany recently?

Can't wait to hear from you



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