Tuesday, 31 August 2010

My Very Own Shade of Pink!

This month, Bourjois launched a brand new, very special kind of lip gloss called Rose Exclusif.
Now it's a very clever lip gloss because it treats everyone differently! This is what Bourjois have said about it:

"Enriched with 'intelligent' pigments that react to the pH balance of the lips, this exceptional transparent formula turns a unique shade of pink a few seconds after application."

Well I didn't know that there was such a thing as intelligent pigments but hey, I'm a sucker for a gimmick so I was super excited to try this.

And try it I did.

Me looking moronic, with naked lips
Let the application begin! It goes on fairly clear
Some more. Starting to get pink
Pinker still

My verdict? I really like it! It feels nice and moisturising and isn't too sticky. And I LOVE my own special pink colour. It goes on clear and soon becomes a little bit pink and then quite a bit pinker! I'm not sure how well this shows in the photos, but Ben, my seven year old personal photographer/son, once again did his best. He's completely adorable!

Apparently, depending on your own pH, the colour can range from a pale pink to a bold pink. My pink is really very pinky, which makes me feel extremely and inherently girly! I told you I was a sucker!

It also contains vitamin E and C and says it will deliver 8 hours of hydration. I didn't count how long my lips felt hydrated but they didn't feel dry and even when the shine was gone, a hint of pink remained.

Rose Exclusif Lipgloss by Bourjois is available now and costs £6.99.

If you do try it, or have already tried it, I'd love to know what you think.

Can't wait to hear from you


Sunday, 29 August 2010

I'm Black and Blue. In a Good Way

Just thought I would share this with you quickly. I am really loving combining black and dark blue at the moment. A fashion crime in the past, it is now a beautiful combination in these heady days of fashion freedom. Sorry for the slightly OTT tone there, but I'm feeling all skippy today, if you know what I mean!!?

So anyway, I thought I would show you some of my black and blue combining skills. I have thrown in some gold tones which I think add a lovely finishing touch. Also this whole outfit was a super bargain, so I suppose I am attempting to show off my bargain hunting skills in a bid to calm the anxiety I have caused by over shopping and spending.

OK I'm still waffling. So here are some pics. I wore this to the launch of Apothecary at House of Fraser.

Dress, Uttam London, £10 in the sale (with 20% off) at dorothyperkins.com

A gratuitous shot with different pose

And another!

Booties, Primark, £15
Had quite a few comments on these

The booties were super comfy and survived the torrential rain very well

I accessorised with black and gold jewellery, and a cheesy grin.
Please someone tell me what do do with my hair!!!

I really enjoy the 'no rules' approach to fashion that's everywhere at the moment. You can mix colours and metals and patterns and textures and nobody tells you off!

What traditional fashion rules are you enjoying breaking at the moment? I want to break them too!

Can't wait to hear from you


P.S. Photography by my seven year old son, Ben!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

The Winning Cape!

Earlier in the week I featured a post about my hunt for the perfect cape. I asked the ReallyRee readers to help me choose from the short-list I had put together.

Everyone was super helpful and got involved via the blog comments form, facebook and the mighty Twitter. The winning cape was so far in the lead that I have absolutely no doubt that it's the one for me! And guess what? It was the cheapest one too!

 ASOS, £70

Congratulations to ASOS whose hooded military cape seems to have impressed the masses. I am getting it for sure. Only problem I have now is that I am tempted to go for the black one on the grounds of practicality. But I LOVE the Khaki. Oh goodness, just when you think the decision is made...

But the hard work is done. The cape is chosen and I can't wait to get it! Thanks everyone for all your help.

If you're not already bored of all this, tell me what colour to get!!!

Can't wait to hear from you


Love House of Fraser? I love it more now!

OK so now that I am nearly a real blogger, I have been getting invited to events and things! Crazy! I mean, I love fashion and beauty so much that I would pay to go to this stuff!! 

But anyway, back to my serious blogging alter ego, I attended the launch of House of Fraser's Apothecary. Ahem... act normal. Well at least try!

So I have to say, I am extremely impressed. House of Fraser is at the top of my department store faves and they have really not let me down. In spite of the fact that I am a new(ish) blogger, I am a very, very, very experienced shopper and House of Fraser's Apothecary made me have lovely warm feelings.

Apothecary is just gorgeous. It is House of Fraser's cutting edge beauty emporium and it was like being in skincare and pamper product heaven. Really heaven.

And this has been something that the beauty experts at House of Fraser have worked passionately for. Sounds cliché but I heard those experts speak. They believe. And so do I!! And what good work they have done! Look at this beautiful collection and please excuse my amateurish photography:

The House of Fraser Apothecary brand - created in
conjunction with fourth generation perfumer, Francois Robert

Cereria Terenzi - Candles to die for.

Deborah Lippmann. Amazing. Has tailor- made shades for Mariah Carey. Yes.

MOR - like totally gorgeous. Lip balms and soaps.
 Quite frankly, if I got one of these
as a present, I would not even care what was within.
 Beauty in packaging and beauty within!!
Had a seriously Audrey Hepburn moment when I saw and smelt these.
Fave smell of the night.

Hissy Fit. What can I say? The answer for every woman
 that demands superior sun protection, anti-ageing
skincare and natural beauty solutions. Perfect!

Perricone MD. Skincare for the Celebs. They even have a 'no Foundation Foundation'
Don't read the hype cos you'll want it. OK read it!
Trilogy - just gorgeous. Have had some as a pressie.
Bought  and bought again.
And this is what we have to look forward to (and more) in all House of Fraser stores nationwide from October this year. Apothecary products will also be available online.

My evening was super gorgeous. But then I am a sucker for a beauty counter. We suckers are in for a treat!

Can't wait to hear from you


Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Pick a Cape. Any Cape! Well the Best Cape!

Right then. Now that I have my gorgeous and timeless trench, I am now on the hunt for my Winter coat. And I think I want a cape. I love the swishy style and the right one will look super stylish. But there are quite a few around and I am not sure exactly what I want. So I have got four styles together, all available on the high street. I would love it if you would help me select the nicest, most versatile and best value for money option.

So here they are:

Option One: Warehouse, £75

Option Two: ASOS, £70

Option Three: French Connection, £160

Option Four: Topshop, £95 

As capes are one of my new season passions, there are things that I like about each one. And if I could, I would have them all!  But I can't, so I need your help.

Please (pretty please) leave a comment here and let me know which one you would choose, and help me with my dilemma. If you want to see what I look like, in order to help you choose one for me, just look at any of my posts where I have self-indulgently strewn various photos of myself wearing different outfits!

Can't wait to hear from you


Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A Trench to be Treasured

Now I love a good trench coat. It's a style classic that will be a wardrobe staple from season to season, on trend and beyond a trend.

So I was super excited to see this gorgeous double-breasted trench from See by Chloe on the Outnet the other day. It was £146, reduced from £365. I bought it, of course, because I have absolutely no control and a generous (wrong word I know) credit card limit. 

But come on, it's a classic AND a new season favourite, so I'd have been silly not to get it, right? Anyway, it's done now and on it's way to me. I haven't received it yet so this will have to do you for now.

Love the asymmetric storm flap 
The fabric is really generous and I love the back vent and button detail
The length is just what I've been looking for. I like
the buckled tabs at the elbows to allow a different look to be
created by rolling the sleeves to expose the contrast lining.
Lovely gold hardware

So I bought it and now I'm waiting for it. Yay!!! Can't wait! Watch out for pictures of my new trench coat with me in it.

What do you think? Are you including a trench in your Autumn Winter wardrobe or are you skipping straight to a full-on coat?

Can't wait to hear from you


Sunday, 22 August 2010

Super Swishy Hair?

OK now. This one is a bit different for me but I thought I would share it with you. When I first started my blog, I intended it to be all about fashion and beauty but so far I haven't made it past the fashion. Well there is so much of it to talk about!

Anyway, I was recently given the new Pantene Aqualight range. I have been using it for a few weeks and thought I would let you know how I got on with it.

The hype: Zero residue, Zero weight. Just totally swishable hair. 

I think this sums up the approach very well. There are tonnes of sciency bits, but the gist is that the range of products is incredibly light and leaves no residue, whilst still providing all the nourishment that your hair needs. You'll be left with super swishy hair.

Just to make this more useful for you, I'll give you my hair profile. I have thick, fairly dry hair (at the ends) and I have lots of it. Although it is fairly straight, it is prone to kinks and pointy ends, if you know what I mean. When I style it, I tend to blast it upside down with the dryer and then section and run my straighteners through it. Recently, I've straightened it and then put a few curls through it, in an attempt to look like Elle McPherson. Ridiculous, I know.  Sometimes I don't bother with this and just let it dry naturally and attempt to smooth it with my hands. Either way, it is generally big. Also, my hair never gets greasy, no matter how long I leave it. Lucky.  I like to wash it pretty much every day anyway, as I feel this keeps my scalp healthy. And I wouldn't dream of skipping conditioner....ever.

Lightweight nourishing shampoo

So now to the Pantene range. The smell is lovely. The shampoo lathers fast and rinses out even faster which I like. My hairs feels very clean very quickly. 

Lightweight nourishing conditioner
I have been alternating between the two types of conditioners available. One day I'll use the lightweight nourishing conditioner and the next I'll use the lightweight nourishing treatment, which you leave in a bit longer. I tend to use the treatment one on the days, I shave my legs as that kills the waiting time. Probably too much information I know.

Lightweight nourishing treatment
Both products are lovely, the treatment being a thicker consistency, and both wash out very quickly. My hair feels really soft when wet and combs through really easily.

When dried, either naturally or styled, I've found my usually pointy ends are much smoother and silkier and in general it really does feel very light. And to be very honest, the longer I have used it for, the more impressed I have been.

Now my very favourite part of the range is the lightweight nourishing mist. This is because I am a complete sucker for a leave in product and I love the idea having a product that you don't have to rinse away and will work over a period of time. I also completely adore the smell. And so does my boyfriend who comments on it EVERY time I spray it. He just likes it for its air freshening qualities!

Lightweight nourishing mist
I have sprayed it onto damp and dry hair and it is really nourishing but again, still very light. It adds a good gloss too.

I have absolute no complaints about it. In fact, I would go as far as to say that I am actually very impressed with it.  And I only really get excited about clothes for the most part! 

Obviously, I have no idea how well it would work on other hair types but I would certainly buy it, especially my fave spray.

The products range from £2.19 to £3.99. I'd love to know what you think if you get round to trying it. And I hope you don't mind me talking about hair care instead of my shopping addiction! Just thought you might like to know.

Now I just need to find a hair style I like!

Can't wait to hear from you


Friday, 20 August 2010

Champagne Cocktails and Cupcakes - Azendi on the Kings Road

I was very kindly invited to the press launch celebrating Azendi's latest store opening on the gorgeous Kings Road in London. Azendi is a gorgeous chain of jewellery stores across the UK. Kings Road is its twentieth store.

And well, how glad am I? It was so much fun! I took my lovely friend, Manda, along and we both had such a brilliant time.

For a start, all the girls that work there are absolute darlings. They were so so nice and you could tell that they had all worked really hard preparing for this evening. The hard work really paid off.

We were greeted the second we walked in the door and given champagne cocktails. They had me at hello! And look at these beautiful cupcakes.

Yum. Forgot to eat one though!

Manda instantly fell in love with the first ring she laid eyes on, a Shaun Leane creation, and then proceeded to lust after it for the rest of the night. When we discovered that the man himself was there, we decided that she just had to buy it. Who cares that she was supposed to be cutting up her credit cards!? Anyway, I'll tell you about that in a bit.

The store itself is beautiful. Gorgeous decor, gorgeous furniture, gorgeous lighting. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Can you tell I liked it?

Me liking the shop. And wearing my new Vanessa Bruno Athe skirt from the Outnet
Shoes, KG
Shirt - Old
Socks, Primark (!)
Bag, Chloe

We browsed though the whole shop. Such a stunning collection of must-have jewellery. Tried on some Triwa  watches (super cute by the way) and ate the yummiest canapes washed down with more of the loveliest cocktails, made to order by the sweetest barman. I am aware that the superlative adjectives are getting out of control but I just can't help it!

Oh no. What has she spotted now?!

More stuff she wants!

Me and the tortoise shell Triwa watch

My arm and the tortoise shell Triwa watch

Lovely Barman

So while I am trying to stuff more canapes, Manda keeps dragging me back to THE RING. Goodness! Can the girl not think of anything else to talk about??! She's completely in love with it, bless her.

So we go and have another look and guess what!? Standing right by the case that houses THE RING is THE DESIGNER!! Shaun Leane himself is there to help Azendi launch their gorgeous new store.

Manda pounces. All sorts of questions about his inspiration, his design process, his view on which one (the gold, the silver) suited Manda the most, which one he liked the best! Bless him. He helped as much as he could but obviously he liked them all. He did design them after all.

Manda trying to pretend that Shaun Leane bangle is hers!

"Which one do you like best Shaun darling?!"

Manda was so cute. She couldn't quite cope with her excitement. The absolute second she walked into Azendi, she spotted this ring, needed this ring, and now she was interrogating the designer of the ring!

So using photos and the opinions of just about anyone she could get involved, she decided on the silver. Good choice I say.

Manda's new pride and joy

What a relief. Decision made. Manda went to make the purchase. Sean tried to get away. Manda's not the only girl in the world who wants to speak to him you know. And he did get away but not for long. Manda decided Sean needed to be present while she actually completed the transaction and Sean kindly obliged. Look! 

The happy couple!

I love Shaun's Marc Jacobs specs

We had so much fun. The store is absolutely gorgeous and I've had Manda on the phone already today telling me which Shaun Leane pieces she wants next!

Cheers! All the lovely Azendi girls, Nancy from Shaun Leane and us

Thanks Azendi and a special thanks to Shaun.



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