Thursday, 30 September 2010

Bourjois Volumizer Mascara and Smoky Eyes Trio Eyeshadow Review

Lady Gris de Vert

OK. Let me cut to the chase. I am totally in love with these two products. The smoky eyes is incredibly easy to achieve because the colour and texture of this gorgeous palette blends out so easily. You can go lightly or really go for it. In the following pictures, I kind of went in between the two. It's a beautiful trio with khaki as its main accent, so very in keeping with the colours of the season. The compact has easy-to-understand instructions on the reverse, on how to create the perfect smoky eye. It boasts an easy-to-blend formula and promises eight hour wear. Perfect.

Now if it feels like I just rushed through's because I did! And the reason is that I am completely desperate to talk to you about the Volumizer mascara. I ADORE it. It's amazing! 

This mascara has a two step process which adjusts the amount of make up deposited on the brush. Step One for defined volume. Step Two for boosted volume.

The Step One brush is a bit wobbly but the effect is still amazing. Very lengthening. And then if you want to bring out the big guns, Step Two is the step for you. I think the photos will speak for themselves.

My eyelashes are not short by any stretch, but they really are not this long either. The other day I only had Step One on and my friend, Lucy, who was standing about a metre away said, "I can see them from here". She was talking about my lashes. Sold to the girl standing a metre away!!

Have you tried these gorgeous Bourjois products yet?

Can't wait to hear from you


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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Transformulas Hydration Gold Review and Giveaway!

'23 Carat Radiance'
Transformulas Hydration Gold

About this product:
"Gold is one of the most precious commodities in the world and Transformulas has developed one of the most luxurious creams using  23 carat pure gold combined with Hyaluronic acid to instantly bring radiance and a youthful glow to the skin." 
Now I was lucky enough to be sent this product to try and, as you can imagine, I was very excited to do just that! An anti-ageing radiance cream with gold in!! It's enough to whip anyone up into a frenzy!! Especially me of course, as I'm prone to the odd frenzy, so you'll have to excuse me.

And now it's your turn to be whipped up into a frenzy too because... guess what? I was kindly given an extra bottle of the gold stuff to give away to a lucky reader of this blog! Brilliant eh? Page down for details.

So I thought I had better test it before I let you have one. It's my duty of course. But I have to be honest. I liked it before I tried it. I mean, it's got gold in it for goodness sake! But I promise I have tried to keep a level head.

How I used it:

Right then. I applied my normal eye and day cream as I do everyday. Then I used my regular tinted moisturiser and skirted a tiny bit if Hydration Gold into it and blended them together. I then lightly applied this all over my face. I then applied a small amount of concealer around the eye area and around the nose.

Then I used to Hydration Gold neat, to highlight my cheek and brow bones. A tiny squirt for each side. I blended it in with my fingers. Done!

In these pics, I have a touch of powder on my nose, a flick of mascara and a slick of gloss. Simple.

Sorry if these are too many photos but I got a bit over excited. In all fairness, the pictures don't really do it justice and I think it looks ever better in the flesh. Imagine if I had a full face of makeup! Think I'll do that next.

So basically, it's fab. Hydration Gold is £45, visit for information on stockists.

But remember, I  have one to give you for free. Yay!!

To enter its simple.
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" I am entering the Transformulas Hydration Gold Giveaway on @Reallyree, you should too! "
4) One entry if you "like" my facebook page
5) Extra entry when a new person "likes" the facebook page and comments leaving your name.

You can leave an extra comment letting me know which of the options you've done. Or you can email me at Or you can leave me to work it out. I'm very efficient!

The giveaway is open to everyone - hello world! 

The winner will be chosen by and the closing date is Sunday 31st October 2010. The winner will be announced on 1st November 2010.

I can't wait to hear from you and please let me know if you have any questions.


Matalan Tie Dye Sequin Vest

A Lovely Little Bargain

I popped into Matalan a few days ago and picked up a few bits. I've always been a bit of a Matalan fan, particularly when I feel like something new but don't want to go mad and bash the credit card too hard. And also, because it isn't on the high street, you are less likely to bump into someone else wearing it than, say, Primark for example. The quality is miles ahead too.

So I thought I'd show you this cute little vest I snagged for just £12. 

Matalan Tie Dye Sequin Vest, £12
Now I love grey and so I'm chuffed that there's so much of it around at the moment. But I have always been very, very weary of tie dye. It has always called up images of hippies and holy jumpers (as in jumpers with holes) and peace loving people with flowers in their hair. This look is so not me. I should point out that I, too, am peace loving, but it's just not a look I have ever felt comfortable with.

Anyway, back to the subject in hand. Surprisingly, I really like the tie dye effect of this vest. The fabric looks and feels very soft, and the whites, blacks and greys blend luxuriously together.

It's a good length if you want to cover your bum!

Subtle glitz balances the tie dye element

Some more subtle sequins on the pocket

Zippy shoe boots I bought from Matalan a couple of years ago.
I do like their footwear.

I think this little top is really good value for money, which is what I am all about. It's comfy and versatile, would look great with jeans and I can see it tucked into a chic pencil skirt too. Lovely!

So what do you think to my lovely little bargain? Have you tried Matalan?

Can't wait to hear from you


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Monday, 27 September 2010

ALLSAINTS - My Picks of the Moment

I love Allsaints for providing quality classics with an edgy twist. I have some excellent vest tops and an amazing pair of trousers - the Bozena Crop Pant in Ecru - that I bought in May. They are so comfortable and still very current. They look perfect glammed up with heels. Love 'em.

So now I'm sharing with you my favourite pieces from the Allsaints womens clothing AW10 collection. And I have to say, it's looking good!

First up is this gorgeous de-constructed dress - the Idun Trench Dress. It is so Allsaints in it's styling. A classic trench taken apart and re-designed into a quirky yet chic figure-flattering dress. Take a look...

Allsaints Idun Trench Dress, £95

I love this. Super smart yet edgy and individual. Perfect.

The ladies boots are amazing this season too. I particularly love this pair - the Shri Boot.

Allsaints Shri Boot, £165
Check out that crazy heel!

And from the ladies evening dresses, this is my absolute fave. It's the Tavi Dress. Now, wrongly or rightly, I love to show a bit of leg, but it is crucial to balance it out up top with a higher neckline or a longer sleeve. This ticks all the boxes and throws in some much loved glitz too. It maintains a classic and edgy feel, in spite of the dose of sequins because, again, it has its own Allsaints twist and has been hand embellished to create an uneven scattering of dazzle.

Allsaints Tavi Dress, £295

Gorgeous! And guess what? The boots would look amazing with both dresses. Fabulous!

There is so much to choose from in Allsaints this season. Have you had a chance to look yet?

Can't wait to hear from you


Note: This is a sponsored post.

Cover FX Eye Prep FX - Anti-Age Smoothing Primer Review

Now I told you about the Cover FX make up demonstration I attended at House of Fraser last week. Well apart from having the pleasure of meeting Cover FX founder Lee Graff and  having my make up done by a cover FX pro, I  also got some gorgeous goodies to take home and try. And try them I have! 

In this post I'll be telling you about the Eye Prep FX, Cover FX's latest product launch and cosmeceutical innovation.

Cover FX Eye Prep FX
Now this is a really lovely product. I've been using it for about 4 days now and I'm really very pleased with it.

You apply as you would a regular eye cream and you can be safe in the knowledge that it is kind to sensitive skin as it's paraben free, oil free and fragrance free. Cover FX tells us:

  • The blend of ultra-elite ingredients, Haloxyl and Eyeliss work to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness
  • Peptide Flash Complex is also incorporated, which instantly tightens and firms while long-term improvements include repairing and strengthening the eye area
  • Cucumber extract works with detoxifying minerals to cool, soften and hydrate the skin leaving the eye area feeling fresh and revitalized
  • Eye Prep FX instantly binds concealer and eye shadows to lids and eye area with Dermaveil Cool Technology, a proprietary complex that immediately reduces the appearance of fine lines and creates a smooth base for makeup.

So this is my take on Eye Prep FX.

The texture is gorgeous. It is super moisturising and soothing. My skin drinks it up and my lines are instantly smoother. 

Puffiness? Check. First thing in the morning, this sorts out my tired eyes a treat. The puffiness is definitely  reduced.

Dark circles? I can't tell because I don't really have them! I'm showing off now!!

Tightens and firms? Yes. The area feels smoothed out and is perfectly primed for makeup.

Cools, softens and hydrates? Definitely. It feels beautiful on the skin, my lines seem smoother and the area feels and looks hydrated.

Smooth base for makeup? Totally! The whole area is softened and smoothed. My foundation glides on and my eye area looks much less flawed than normal. I'm 36, I have lines, but they are much less noticeable.

So overall impression? Yay!! It's great! I applied the primer about 10 hours ago and I am feeling the area as I type, and it still feels soft and hydrated. Double yay!! With continued use, I feel like the benefits could improve. Lee Graff told us she's been testing it for 6 months, half a pump, morning and night, and that the overall quality of her eye area has noticeably improved. Exciting!

Lee Graff extolling the virtues of Eye Prep FX

Now it's not cheap. It's £41 for 20ml so a bit of an investment. But you literally only need half a pump, so it would last ages. I didn't have to buy it (lucky lucky lucky) but I definitely would buy it.

Eye Prep FX is available selected House of Fraser stores nationwide and Harvey Nichols (London and Dublin). A range of Cover FX products are available online at Get Free standard delivery for orders over £50 at

Have you tried any Cover FX yet?

Can't wait to hear from you


XEN-TAN Face Tanner Luxe Review

XEN-TAN Face Tanner Luxe

Well I absolutely love this stuff. It's so easy to use, is really comfortable on my skin, absorbs nicely and gives me a beautiful natural glow in next to no time at all.

Now I am always fake-tanned but find that the colour on my face fades much more quickly than the colour on the rest of my body. So this Face Tanner is the perfect solution.

I have literally been slapping it on before bed a few nights a week, blending it away down my neck, and wake up with a lovely, natural looking olivey colour (note zero orange). Even if I feel exhausted, I don't look it and I have needed much less makeup as it really does beautify the skin on its own.

It is a nice gel-cream consistency, which is very cooling on the skin. I have not been overly careful with it to be honest. I apply it with my fingers, as I would a normal moisturiser, brush it over my ears, and make sure it's blended well into the neck (do the back of the neck as well). Then give my hands a quick wash. There have been no tanned palm disasters to speak of at all.

Because I've been using the XEN-TAN Deep Bronze Luxe once a week tanner, and topping up with the XEN-TAN Transform Luxe Daily Tanner  a couple of days a week(look out for a post on this soon), the rest of me is tanned but my face colour fades more quickly, what with cleansing and toning and all that fun stuff. Once I have topped up my face with the Face Tanner, everything matches again.

I have also applied my usual moisturiser and eye cream on top, sometimes I leave it about 20 minutes for the tanning ingredients to take hold, and find the results just as effective. And when I've used it in the morning, I put make up on top, and before long when I check in the mirror, I can see that the colour has developed beautifully beneath my make up giving my skin a natural warm olive glow. Perfect!

Also, as a little tip, and as my hands tend to fade quicker too, I have been rubbing the excess into the tops of my hands and then just washing the palms. This again blends in beautifully with the rest of the tan on my body.

I would definitely recommend this one. It costs £18.95 and you can buy it here. You hardly need any, so it would last ages.

Do you use a different product to tan your face?

Can't wait to hear from you


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Barielle Shades. Wool You Marry Me?

Barielle Shades - Wool You Marry Me?

Right so this is the third polish I have tried from Barielle Shades' 'Style in Argyle' Autumn collection. I knew that I would like this one because I love a super dark red polish. Barielle desribe it as a plum brown creme. It's a gorgeous colour, very chic and glamorous and I love the look it creates on my short nails.

It went on beautifully, dried quickly and achieved this finish in two applications with no top coat.

Barielle Shades - Wool You Marry Me?

I have a couple other colours that are similar to this, as I am a fan of this kind of rouge noir, but I would choose this over my others. This is because I love the Barielle formulation and feel that it's kind to my poor nails that haven't had a day off from colour for a good few years now.

Barielle has a signature '3-three' formulation which provides nails with safe, healthy and long lasting glossy colour coverage which is free from formaldehyde, tolune and dibutyl-phthalate.

The polishes cost £8 each and I would say are well worth the money.

Visit for further information.

Have you tried any Barielle?

Can't wait to hear from you


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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Z-Mode. Spring Summer 11

I have made another new discovery as a result of London Fashion Week. This is me telling you about it.

The discovery is the designer Victoria Rangayah and her line Z-Mode. Victoria showed her Spring Summer 11 collection, entitled She is NOT Alice, at London's Charing Cross Venue this year. It was her debut at London Fashion Week and it was extremely well received. I am so not surprised.

I wasn't luckily enough to see the show but have been so impressed by the look book that I wanted to share it with you.

The collection is inspired by Victoria's ideas about Alice in Wonderland. It's an incredibly interesting take on a beautiful theme. I adore all things Alice and have been personally inspired by the costumes in books and in films for as long as I can remember. Most recently, I fell head over heels in love with Alice's red dress in Tim Burton's cinema extravaganza.

This is Victoria's take,

"Like the looking glass through which Alice steps, a z-mode garment takes the wearer into a world where all is not what it seems. Small touches in the garment's construction reward a closer look and subvert first impressions."

The collection is absolutely beautiful. When I flicked through the look book, I had to look at it again, and then again. I had a serious love moment. Really. I absolutely loved it.

So I thought I would show you a few of my favourites. I have to say, it's been hard trying to narrow them down. But here they are:

Z-mode Asymmetric Hem Godet Dress

Z-mode Asymmetric Drape Pencil Dress

Z-mode Flared Skirt Dress

Z-mode Asymmetric Sharp Shoulder Dress

Z-mode Floral Mini Tunic

Z-mode The Jacket Dress

Z-mode Bracer Dress

Beautiful hey? Classic and timeless with a good dose of edge. Victoria has achieved that stunning balance.

To see more, check out and follow Victoria on Twitter here.

Now you're probably wondering where you can buy, but I'm afraid that you're going to have to be patient on this one. Details of this will be finalised in a few weeks and I'll keep you posted.

I would love to know what you think.

Can't wait to hear from you


Photographer: Natalie J Watts, 
Assistant Photographer: Maximilien Letek
Model: Claire Zone models
Styling: Naomi Gray
Hair: Tano
Make -up:  Mira Parmar
Jewelry: L'ile aux Ashby, Monique Luttin Millnery
Shoes:  Kandee

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I just wanted to let you know about a brilliant website which is there to help us with all of our bag shopping needs. It's called and has been created especially for the bag lovers of the world, to take the pain out of finding the perfect bag, whatever your needs. founded in 2010, is the newest and surely the easiest way to find that special bag. Be it for that precious occasion, special treat or just to suit to your every day needs. Explore and choose from the web’s best bags at your leisure! We aim to bring you a carefully picked selection of bags for every budget and perfectly on trend! Expect a plethora of special gems on
It's a gorgeous site that is easy to navigate and will lead you quickly to that perfect bag you've been looking for. It has a lot more to offer too! There are tips on how to care for your existing bags, news about upcoming trends, Bargwardrobe TV - a fun look at stylish people and their favourite bags, and much more.

Check it out and let me know what you think. Follow Bagwardrobe on Twitter here for all the latest hints, tips and news.

Can't wait to hear from you


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Friday, 24 September 2010

XEN-TAN Deep Bronze Luxe Review

XEN-TAN Deep Bronze Luxe
Right. You may or may not know that I am a fake tan addict. I haven't really seen my natural skin colour for a number of years now. And if I ever accidentally do see it, I am always shocked at how pale, or shall we say blue, I really am!

I have tried lots of different tans and had many experiences of love and hate and, well, 'that will do'. But until now, I had never tried any XEN-TAN products.

My first impression was that I loved the smell as I applied it. It's kind of vanilla chocolate  and yummy and very different to some of the unpleasant fake tan odours I have experienced.

I used the XEN-TAN application mitt to apply it and the colour shows up instantly which is a great help in achieving an even coverage. This guide colour does fade so I work fast. It also feels very moisturising which is so important to me. If I don't moisturise as soon as I come out of the shower, my skin becomes very uncomfortable, but this tanner dealt well with all the feelings of dryness. Bonus!

In terms of application particulars, it will be hard work if you are used to a mousse. But then life is hard work if you're used to a mousse! You should use the mitt and apply in small circular motions. It dries within a few minutes and doesn't leave any stickiness. 

I have to say the extra work was definitely worth it. The colour developed fast, within one to two hours, and there is not a hint of orange, just lovely subtle olive tones. It looks so natural.

The colour deepens after a few more hours, but it's still natural and suits even my pale skin. I have used it for a few weeks now and have experienced no yucky build up in those problems zones like knees, elbows, know the drill!

I much prefer this to the St Tropez mousse and spray tans. I will definitely buy this again. 

XEN-TAN Deep Bronze Luxe retails at £25.95 and is available here.

Have you tried any XEN-TAN products?

Can't wait to hear from you


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Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Matalan Aviator Jacket!

The Aviator is Back

Last week, Matalan's Aviator Jacket went on sale online and sold out in two hours flat! I completely missed the boat and seeing as I had actually been sitting in wait, this was extremely disappointing for me!

Well anyway, the good news is, and this is a real heads up from the people in the know, it's going back online on Monday and this time they are prepared with even more stock. Although if you're interested, I'd be up bright and early, because more stock means they will probably sell out in 4 hours this time!

Papaya Aviatot Jacket, £35

Matalan has two different Aviators available. One in their 'Be Beau' range and the other in the 'Papaya' range. They are both gorgeous and easily rival many styles on the street. If you are loving the Aviator trend, and let's be  honest - who isn't?, then this is a super value for money way of buying into it. I'll be clicking!!

The Be Beau Aviator will go online on Monday and the Papaya Aviator will go online on Wednesday. So stand by! Visit

Good luck and let me know how you get on!

Can't wait to hear from you


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ASOS Dahlia Babydoll Dress with Bow Cuffs

So last week I wrote about the Bow mini trend that I been seeing a lot lately. I love bows and so whilst I was researching the internet for what's around bow-wise to buy at the moment, I accidentally bought one of the featured items.

I absolutely adore this dress from ASOS. It's one by Dahlia, a brand I haven't tried before. It has a really chic bow detail on the cuff and is super flattering. It's quite short but this is nicely balanced out by the high neck and long, sheer sleeves.

I had two parties to go to the weekend and I liked the dress so much that I wore it to both!! Different sets of people luckily!!

It's a great little dress and good value at £60. My fave item of the moment.

What's your current wardrobe fave?

Can't wait to hear from you


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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Cover FX Makeup Demonstration at House of Fraser

This evening I had the pleasure of meeting Lee Graff, President and Co-Founder of Cover FX Skin Care. And what an amazing lady she is.

Lee Graff

Lee started out as a corrective makeup specialist, helping patients with skin disorders such as burns, scars and skin disorders. As she was unable to find the perfect products to use on patients, she took to working on developing her own line that would be free of irritants and gentle on even the most sensitive of skins. And so Cover FX was born.

The brand is fairly unknown in the UK but I think this is about to change. There was a huge buzz around House of Fraser's FX Counter tonight.

Lee talked us through the range and showed us staggering before and after photos. We listened avidly, sipped champagne and nibbled on macaroons. Yum.

Lee Graff at House of Fraser

Birthmark before and after

Psoriasis and Rosacea  before and after

Caught on camera, pre make over

And then the really fun bit. We had our makeup done! 

Ruth from A Model Recommends 

Me looking scared

The lovely Viktor Charles who did my makeup

I was so pleased with the results. It really didn't feel like I was wearing makeup at all. It was so light and clean feeling. The result was a dewy, luminous cover that looked just like gorgeous skin. Viktor called it 'natural beauty with makeup'. 

The Counter at House of Fraser

So we were sent off with a lovely goody bag which contained:

Cover FX Eye Prep 
So excited about this Eye Prep. It's newly launched and Lee Graff was absolutely raving about it!

Cover FX Clear Prep Primer

Cover FX Mint Glaze

I'll be trying these and letting you know my thoughts in posts coming soon. I'll be honest. I'm expecting good things!

I thought I'd take a close up shot when I got home to show you the coverage in better detail. Sorry to subject you to this ghastly mug shot. But as you can see, it's an incredibly natural look, which I'm told will last all day and is water and sweat resistant. Just what a busy girl needs.

Mug shot
As soon as I've tried out the products, I'll let you know how I get on.

Cover FX is available at Harvey Nichols and selected House of Fraser stores nationwide, and also online.

Have you heard of Cover FX?

Can't wait to hear from you


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