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Philip Kingsley Scalp Mask. A Tingly Treat!

Tuesday, 15th Nov 2011
Philip Kingsley Scalp Mask
I absolutely love this little beauty. It a gorgeous treat for a part of me that doesn’t really get too much attention…my scalp!
It gets forgotten for obvious reasons – you know – in most cases it’s entirely hidden by hair. But I have to say, it’s definitely worthy of this little treat which feels amazing and helps tackle any dry or flaky scalp issues you may have.
I suffer with my scalp every now and then (glam!!) and the Philip Kingsley Scalp Mask is the perfect fix. It’s £4.60 for 30mls. You dampen your hair and massage it into the scalp then clingfilm your head and wait for twenty minutes. It tingles and feels super refreshing – love it. You just shampoo and  condition as normal.
If I want to treat my hair too, I stick on the Phillip Kingsley Elastizer onto the lengths too, and whizz the  whole lot up in the clingfilm. Love that too – leaves my hair feeling soft and strong. That’s £14 for 75mls.
In fact, I’ve talked myself into it, I need to get my hair looking good for tomorrow so I’m off to Philip Kingsley double dose!!

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  1. Sian @ Quite Frankly November 16, 2011 at 3:34 pm #

    I love the elasticizer but never tried this x x

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