Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The Marie Claire Blog Awards

Right then. I never really go for anything like this for lots of different reasons but this time I just thought I'd stop worrying about the reasons not to try and actually give it a go!

And I would absolutely love it if you'd help me!!  It's super super easy.  All you have to do is click here and nominate me under the Beauty Blogger category if you would be so kind. It's the 2nd option in the first drop down menu. It's really quick and simple and will take you about 30 seconds.

Here is my URL: http://www.reallyree.com/

Just copy and paste it onto the box.

Thanks so much. It would mean an awful lot!!



  1. I voted :) good luck xx


  2. Thanks so much. Very much appreciated! xxxx

  3. Anonymous6/12/11

    desperate... if people wanna vote, theyll vote.

    hate when people (not just u) beg on blogs/twitter for these things - the best ones never do!

  4. Dear Anonymous (I assume blogger)

    Comments like yours are highly unnecessary but do make me appreciate the fact that I don't feel the compulsion to go round being rude to people that don't deserve it.

    About a year and and half ago I didn't even know what a blog was, let alone a blog award, and as my readers on the whole are not other bloggers but actual consumers, then I believe that they will not know about the Marie Claire Blog awards unless I tell them.

    If they do already know about it, I am pretty sure that my nice readers will not hold it against me if I tell them again.

    It does sadden me that you feel that you need to say this on my blog - but it's nothing but negativity which is your issue not mine.

    To be clear, I shall not be publishing, or responding to any further comments relating to this one.


  5. Just voted for you lovely! Good luck ... Fingers crossed x

  6. Thanks Hannah!! xxx

  7. Ree! Don't feed the trolls! Publish nothing they say and behave as though they don't exist.. there is nothing that upsets them more than not being heard.

  8. Hello Jane!

    Well I thought about you when I replied. But the reason I never really go for anything is for fear of people like that saying things like this.

    And now that I have done it, and they have done it, and I have responded, I feel a whole lot better about the whole thing!!

    Promise never to acknowledge them again! Promise! xxx

  9. The Anonymous (funny that they are always anon)seems the desperate one, deperate to be rude or desperate for something more challenging in life, not sure which.
    Got my vote Ree not because you asked because your blog should win this title. I've been following since you started more or less and love your beauty reviews tips and insights.

  10. I don't think I am young or hip enough to use the term 'haters!' Anyhoo, they are best ignored :)
    Good luck, you have my vote X

  11. Good luck hun :) you have my vote. xx

  12. James7/12/11

    Have to agree with the others. The "anonymous" person who wrote the nasty comment is obviously a pathetic, miserable individual who feels the need to put others down. It says all you need to know about him/her.

  13. Thank you to all the lovely people that made what could have been a terrible day actually very lovely.


  14. ps I'll be voting for you, so yah, boo, sucks to you, anonymous!!!!

  15. Thanks so much lovely xxx

  16. Voted for you! xoxo

  17. Thanks so much!! xxx



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