Sunday, 18 March 2012

My Bourjous 1 Seconde Nail Enamel Manicure!

Bourjous 1 Seconde Nail Enamel in Grenadine Tonic No15

Ta da!! Isn't it lovely? I wasn't sure about it in the bottle as it's a see-through red (called Grenadine Tonic No15) but I totally adore it on.  This is two coats and a top coat.

The colour is super vibrant yet you can still see through it which gives a real suggestion of depth. It's super glossy too and I have even been asked if they are gels.

This is probably down to a brilliant reformulation of Bourjois' 1 Seconde Nail Enamel which has a new gel-silicone enriched texture. I love the fan effect brushes which mean you can apply one coat in one stroke.

Check out some of the other new colours...

Bourjous 1 Seconde Nail Enamel - Bleu Water 08, Lavande Equisse 09, Rose Cupcake 06, Figue Chic 13
Bourjous 1 Seconde Nail Enamel - Rainbow Apparition 14 & Grenadine Tonic 15
Bourjous 1 Seconde Nail Enamel - Taupe Classy 04, Beige Distinction 03, Corail Feerique 05, Rose Delicat 02

Very exciting!! Loving Beige Distinction and Figue Chic as new season nudes.

These gorgeous new shades will launch in June 2012 (sorry there's a bit of a wait) and will cost £5.99 each. Roll on the Summer!

Available from Boots and Superdrug.

Which new shades do you like the look of?



  1. These sound amazing! I cannot wait to get my hands on them!

    Elodie x

  2. Oooh they're really pretty colours, I love Bourjois polish brushes too. Their holo glitter is one of my all time favourite polishes x

  3. Beautiful - I need some kind of beauty diary to remind myself when all these wonderful products are launched!!

  4. i love the fan brushes on these bourjois's! soo easy to apply!

  5. I love the sound of these, can't wait to get my hands on them :)

    Laura xoxo



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