Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sneak Peek - My Babyliss Big Hair Shoot for You Magazine!!

I had such an amazing day on Thursday! I was the 'real person' model for the Babyliss Big Hair 'Before and After' feature for You Magazine. Yay!!!

Babyliss Big Hair Shoot for You Magazine

Having been introduced to the Babyliss Big Hair when I worked with Babyliss to create an Adele inspired 'Get the Look' tutorial video, I have been hooked ever since. So imagine my delight when this opportunity came along!

I am genuinely not that clever when it comes to hair.

I can do a rough dry and then go mad with a wand, but a smooth bouncy blow dry is way beyond my hair skill set! Cue Babyliss Big Hair! I LOVE it!!

For the shoot, a 'before' photo was taken of my rough dried hair and then I Babyliss Big Hair'd and got ready for the 'after' photo shoot! So much fun!! Check out my behind the scenes pics...

Babyliss Big Hair Shoot for You Magazine
Babyliss Big Hair Shoot for You Magazine

Such an amazing day! Everyone at Babyliss and You Magazine were so lovely to work with that being a 'real person' model is a seriously brilliant gig!!

I shall let you know when the magazine is out. I cannot wait. My mum reads You all the time - she's going to be so proud. Screeeaaam!

Thanks so much to everyone at Babyliss and You magazine.

Have you used the Babyliss Big Hair yet? 



  1. Yaaay, delighted for ya'! Love your leggings :) x

    1. Thanks! They are H&M. My faves! xx

  2. how fab is that! congratulations chickie
    liloo/@tsunimee xx



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