Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Vaseline 2 in 1 Hand Cream + Anti-Bac - My Video!

OK I am massively cringing right now because I hate to see myself on film, especially in THE most unflattering white t-shirt (that's going straight in the bin!) but check this out if you get a minute.

It's a video I made with Vaseline all about their new 'must have' hand cream. And when I say must have I mean it! It has five key moisturising ingredients plus an anti-bacterial ingredient that kills 99.9% of bacteria. I'm obsessed with germs so this is a serious breakthrough for me! It also smells gorgeous...

For more info visit the Vaseline facebook page here.

Are you excited by hand cream with anti-bac protection? Why did no-one tell me how awful that t-shirt is?! Ha!



  1. Whatever Ree you look gorge as ever... Your a tv presenter in the making... Who agree's? Ree I could see you on goodmorning Tv. xxx

    1. Oh bless you Katie but they had to do an awful lot of editing! And I am not joking. That t-shirt's in the bin! Thanks for being kind! xxx

  2. Brilliant video, this will be great for the tube (yuck yuck) as I hate how my hands feel dry on the underground and the thought of all them germs ahhhhhhh!!!!

    gonna buy, well done Anee-Marie your blog is amazingo

    Hanna xx

  3. what is the bit that they felt they had to blur at some point?
    i want to know xx
    liloo /@tsunimee xx

  4. Tried this today and really liked it as it was very quickly absorbed into the skin and smelt lovely. I was expecting that horrible smell that hand sanitisers have but was pleasantly surprised.

    The only reason I didn't buy it is because I know I'd be come obsessed with using it for its anti bacterial property every 5 mins!

  5. Anonymous27/3/12

    This product looks great! Do you know where I can buy it from?


    1. Yes it is great. It is launching properly this week so should be available nationwide really soon! xxx

  6. I used this Vaseline hand Cream and it is a must buy product, believe me :)



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