Monday, 23 April 2012

Brocato Swell Volume Review - Hair Disaster Rescue!

Brocato Swell Volume

Shock horror! I recently had a hair cut that I absolutely hated. I didn't exactly realise it in the salon but I knew that something wasn't quite right fairly quickly.

I have thick hair and lots of it to boot! I love having thick hair and to be fair it is (or shall I say was?) my crowning glory.

My hair was ample enough that I generally steered clear of volumising products and just went for products that promised smoothness and shine.

It all went a bit wrong when I had my most recent hair cut. During the consultation process the stylist told me that my hair was too heavy which made it hang rather than bounce, and he suggested that he take some of the weight from it.

Now this is nothing new to me. I have had some bulk removed from my hair before and been pleased with the result, but this was a rather different story.

At the end of a rather elaborate (performance-wise, anyway) cut I suspected that there was rather a lot more hair on the floor than there was on my head! The length was exactly the same but the volume was massively reduced.

I didn't really have time to assess the situation fully as I then went on to have my hair coloured and then styled. And, as always when styled by a hairdresser, it looked good when I left the salon.

But something just didn't feel right. Mainly that my hair no longer felt like my own. When I inspected it, it looked and felt wispy and thin - the exact opposite of everything I love about my hair.

Things got worse when I washed it. Whilst it was wet in the shower I became aware of exactly now much hair I had lost. Volume had been reduced so dramatically that the ends were thinned to practically nothing.

Trying to style it was quite horrifying. I know this sounds dramatic, but when you have had super thick hair all your life, fine hair can feel practically bald. For days I kept catching my ears poking through my hair - something I had never experienced before.

When I turned up to my BaByliss Big Hair shoot for You Magazine I was super relieved to see Beverly C and I asked her what she thought. Beverly said that my hair was unrecognisable and she couldn't understand why anyone would thin my hair out that much.

She told me the best thing I could do was have the straggly ends trimmed off to try and sharpen it up to give the illusion of fullness. Luckily I was using the Big Hair for the advertorial for You magazine, definitely something I needed!

Beverly told me not to worry and that at least it would eventually grow back. And to be fair, I have tried not be overly upset about  it as I know that it will grow back. It isn't the end of the world after all. My friend Lucy, who hates her fine hair, says I don't have too much to worry about as the thickness will eventually come back.

So I set about dealing with it in the short term. And my search started and ended with Brocato Swell Volume. It is absolutely amazing stuff. 

I didn't use the shampoo from the range as my lovely PR contact had run out of samples so instead I used the Hydrating Shampoo, Brocato Saturate. I followed this with the Brocato Swell Volume Deep Volumizing Treatment and styled my hair with the Brocato Swell Volume Full Body Hair Gel Mousse.

More information on the products and how I used them:

The Brocato Saturate  Hydrating Shampoo  is a gorgeous creamy texture, it smells lovely and feels instantly moisturising on the hair and the scalp.My hair feels really soft as I rinse it out.

The instructions on the Brocato Swell Volume Deep Volumizing Treatment say that its performance increases the longer it's left in, so, if I'm really going for it, I like to hop out of the shower, slightly towel dry my hair, then apply the it. I get on with other things while it's in. The minimum I leave it is 5 minutes. It is a lovely soft cream texture.

Once it's rinsed out I definitely think my hair feels thicker, even wet. But I don't leave it there because I'm obsessed with getting back the volume I was robbed of!

I brush through my wet hair -an easy task after the Brocato shampoo and conditioner - and then apply a big ball of the  Brocato Swell Volume Full Body Hair Gel Mousse, concentrating it mainly on the roots and lengths but not too much on the end.

I then dry it and watch my hair expand. If it feels a little sticky I just brush it through and it becomes super soft and light. 

My hair feels big and bouncy again and I'll definitely be relying on these beauties until my natural volume returns!

I have dabbled with volumising products in the past, just for fun,  but I have never seen such increased volume from product alone. I actually felt like my old hair was on its way back! And I am feeling so much more positive about my hair. I would recommend this unreservedly to anyone wanting to volumise their hair. 

For Brocato Haircare go to or call 08705561929

Have you had any hair disasters? How did you deal with them?



  1. Definitely need to try these products! I love volume! This story proves they work and your hair has been looking glorious lately xxx

  2. Who the hell cut your hair?! Complain xxx

  3. So glad you found something that works and I totally sympathise with the bad cut issue. I've decided it's a sign of a bad hairdresser when they look at thick hair and start taking about 'taking out the weight'. I had bad layers for years until I went to a guy who just said "you really don't need that" and essentially chopped them all out, leaving me with almost one-length hair all around the back. It never looked better, especially when curly / wavy. I was just so used to being told I needed all these layers that I didn't believe I could pull off sharp ends. Now I am so pushy about avoiding layers. Lesson learned!



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