Friday, 20 April 2012

Disco Pants and Stripes - Outfit of the Day

Super quick outfit post for you!

ReallyRee Outfit of the Day

I think I might be getting a bit addicted to my American Apparel Disco Pants! They'll be popping up in quite a few posts I predict!

New Look Top

This tee was a super sale bargain I picked up after Christmas from New Look - it was £3!!

These are my fave casual boots from Miss Selfridge. Love them!

American Apparel Disco Pants and Miss Selfridge Boots

I must add that I have discovered that Disco Pants are not designed with sitting down for hours in mind. Having been stuck on a train in them for 3 hours last night, I'd liken the numb bum sensation to that you get when you sit down in thick tights for too long. Or is it just me?!

Stay tuned for more Disco Pants looks. They are so flattering that they're hard to resist!! What's your clothes addiction?



  1. Ahh I really want them!! Been seeing them everywhere xx

  2. love this outfit! wish my legs looked as great as yours! xx

  3. What an amazing figure you have, so tiny!



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