Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Real Diamond Manicure!

Wooo real diamonds!! Check this out...

Neville Real Diamond Manicure

It is obviously totally fabulous, beautifully over-the-top and hugely unrealistic for most of us, but if you had a bit of cash, how amazing would a real diamond manicure be?! Well you can get one at Neville Hair and Beauty in Belgravia London.

Before the diamonds go on, a special acryllic is painted onto the nails to ensure the the nail can take the weight of the gems. Exciting!!

The Real Diamond Manicure incorporates a thorough exfoliation beforehand, so your hands looks as good as your bling!

Neville have adapted my uber fave beauty essential, the Clarisonic cleansing system to deliver a hand treatment that works on exfoliation, sun spots and wrinkles. A hand scrub of grape seed oil, Glycolic Acid and extracts of cucumber and papaya is used and then a Vitamin Cocktail Mask is applied with hot gloves.

Neville Real Diamond Manicure

Then we're all ready for the REAL DIAMONDS!! OMG the thought alone is too exciting!!

Check out Neville Hair & Beauty online here.

If you had the cash, would you splash it on the real deal bling for your nails? I kind of think I would!



  1. Blimey I would LOVE to have diamonds on my nails! However even if I had the money I don't think I would as I am forever breaking my nails :( . I would be gutted if I did that with diamond blingy nails, I'd sob uncontrollably, for weeks!


  2. I'd be too scared of losing a diamond! x

  3. It would be so annoying if you lost one - plus it looks no different to standard crystals really?



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