Tuesday, 17 April 2012

TM Lewin White Shirt Challenge

A while ago I was invited by classic shirt brand TM Lewin to take part in a White Shirt Challenge. It involved a trip to Lewin's to pick a white shirt, some thought about what I would style it with, and then a trip to Ken Copsey's photographic studio for a super fun shoot!

Here are the results!

TM Lewin White Shirt Challenge
A couple for shots for you.

TM Lewin White Shirt Challenge
TM Lewin White Shirt Challenge

The shirt I chose was the Kylie Diamond Weave which is fitted with a super cute curved collar and classic double cuffs. The diamond weave texture gives the plainness of the shirt lots of subtle detail. I love it.

I styled it with my bright coral jeans from Matalan (not quite so bright in black and white) and my amazing Ottoman Hands necklace. Ottoman Hands have a huge concession at Topshop in Oxford Circus.

The belt was a last minute addition and lent to me at the shoot!!

I had an absolutely amazing time and loved being a model for a day! It was slightly embarrassing at times, which you can detect by the look on my face in the photos I haven't selected, but a really brilliant experience.

A big thanks to TM Lewin for inviting me to take part.

Does the white shirt have a place in your wardrobe?



  1. Really want to get a white shirt like this as it is such a classic piece.. however I am fairly busty have never found one that fits properly, my search continues.

  2. Absolutely stunning pictures Ree! x

  3. I really love this... gorgeous shirt & great pics. The first one is just stunning - one of my faves of you x

  4. Looking gorge! How much is that shirt? xxx

  5. Love your snaps, I've just posted mine too!


    J x

  6. I love Lewins in their website. Gorgeous shirts but they are designed for MEN! They do not accomodate boobs (I'm about a size 14 and would need at least 2 sizes bigger to go round my rather large chest). In addition, not an issue with the shirt you chose due to the placket but on a lot of their shirts the buttons are placed above and below your boobs which means they gape dreadfully! We get Lewins money off vouchers throughwork and very few girls use them as the shirts are so badly designed for women. A big problem.



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