Monday, 30 April 2012

Zara Dress - Outfit for Ladies Day

When I was asked to be a judge at the Matalan Style Awards this year at Aintree Ladies Day, I was slightly flummoxed. I shouldn't have been because I have been to the races quite a few times and have always felt quite confident about what to wear. But being a style judge completely threw me!

I didn't want to look as though I was competing with the style awards entrants, and at the same time, if I really went for it, and got it wrong, I would never recover from the shame! So I decided to go with understated style. 
Zara Dress

At times I thought it was a bit too understated but I'll let you make up your mind. The dress is from Zara (£45) and is made from a lovely soft pink broderie anglaise fabric. It was really easy to wear and travelled well which was fab as it was rolled up in my bag for a whole day.

Zara Dress

But when I got dressed I was really worried that it just wasn't dressy enough. In all fairness it wasn't, but it was too late because I was in Liverpool!

I loved the shoes. They were a super bargain from Topshop, just £35. Funnily enough, our winner of the style challenge was wearing the same ones!

Topshop Shoes

I also definitely did not put enough fake tan on and was the whitest person for as far as the eye could see!! Apart from the shoes, the only thing I was really happy with was my hair, which I curled with my BaByliss Soft Waves.

My only bit of glitz was my gold clutch which I didn't manage to get a pic of, but you can see it here.

So what do you think? Should I have gone for it and got my glitz and tan on a bit more?



  1. I love that outfit, think it's perfect, understated but that's why it looks so good :) xx

  2. I think the dress was great and that we should all embrace our paleness. I'm positively reflective I'm so white.

    You certainly didn't stand out as under dressed.


  3. The dress is lovely. A statement necklace would have added a bit of glitz but it works just as well without. As for the fake tan, I say be proud of the pale (but then I have to say that, I'm pale and useless with tanning products!!) I think you looked super.



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