Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Outfit of the Day - Leopard Print Dress

I love this super cute dress from....guess where??! Damart would you believe?

Link to makeup below.

For a long time, Damart has been linked to thermal undies and the older lady, but recently they have been working really hard to appeal to a younger audience. And I don't think they are doing too badly!

In the past two years they have linked up with fashion students from the London College of Fashion to help them style their Look Books,  and this is really changing the way their products are viewed.

I love the colours in this dress, and it is super comfortable and easy to wear. It retails for £40.

For more info go to www.damart.com.

My boots are Topshop and you can check out the makeup here.

PR sample

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  1. Super cute and I love the shoes, lady! xx



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