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Love + Love Tee from Bank – Outfit of the Day

Saturday, 28th Jul 2012
I am actually obsessed with the neon pink of this super cute t shirt from Love + Love at Bank.

I am on my annual British holiday – I always have a week away with my boyf, son and mum and dad. My dad is over flying now so we always give in to my 10 year old’s love of a good old caravan holiday!
We have a holiday abroad coming up in a few weeks, but I have to say, I do love a good bit of cheesy fun at home in the UK.
But I digress. This neon t shirt is super versatile, and it felt great with my old Moto from Topshop jean shorts (even though the rips are getting just a bit on the large side now!) and I definitely think I’ll be packing it for my next holiday.
The sunglasses are this season Dorothy Perkins and I have my brand new Marc Jacobs watch on from ASOS. So glad I decided to get it.
The bling is Swarovski and the spike bracelet is Dorothy Perkins. Here I am getting in the holiday spirit!
To check out info on the hair and makeup, click here.
Cheers everyone!!

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2 Responses to Love + Love Tee from Bank – Outfit of the Day

  1. Hazel July 29, 2012 at 6:01 am #

    You can’t beat a caravan in the UK for some holiday cheese! Hope you have a fab time. Loving the t shirt x

  2. Chiara Giatti July 29, 2012 at 11:02 am #

    Loving the t-shirt and the holiday spirit face 😀
    I hope I’ll have it too soon!!!!!

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