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My Chamilia Bracelet

Wednesday, 22nd Aug 2012
Totally in love with my gorgeous new bracelet from Chamilia. Apart from the fact that it is super pretty, I love it even more because I designed it myself!
Chamilia Silver Bead Bracelet
Chamilia Silver Bead Bracelet

It was really fun creating this. I opted for a really pretty bracelet first, the Sterling Twirl Snap Bracelet which is £95. I then picked my colour theme. I decided to go for just one – a beautiful warm amber tone.

You can play with the beads online. This is what my virtual bracelet looks like.

Chamilia Silver Bracelet with Swarovski Beads
Chamilia Silver Bracelet with Swarovski Beads
I went for a centre piece of the cutest little Swarovski crystal seahorse with orange and yellow shades. This little chap is £65. I flanked him with two of the Regale Umber Swarovski beads (£55 each) with the same colour and I was done!!
It is so sweet and I can be safe in the knowledge that I have my very own unique piece of custom jewellery. Yay!!  There are so many possibilities that you can’t fail to find something you like. And it’s something you can build on too which makes them fabulous to give as gifts because one idea can sort you out for quite a few birthdays in the future.
Find out more about Chamilia at
*Gift from Chamilia

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  1. TheOtherSideofCool August 23, 2012 at 7:49 am #

    What a cute little bracelet you designed! Pricy but worth it if the quality is good and to have a unique piece! xx
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