Friday, 17 August 2012

OOTD: Lace Dress and Flatforms

I was feeling really girly in this outfit today!

Lace Dress from Dorothy Perkins

This dress is quite old - it was here on the blog a couple of years ago quite soon after I started blogging. I look really rather different!!

Flatforms from Own the Runway
Flatforms from Own the Runway

I love love love these flatform from Own the Runway and they are definitely coming on holiday with me. They cost £24.99.

Flatforms from Own the Runway
Flatforms from Own the Runway

The leopard manicure is courtesy of my handy wraps from Model's Own. Check them out close up here.

Models Own WAH Nail Wrap
Models Own WAH Nail Wraps

My tan is fake of course!! This is a brand new one from LDN:SKINS - it's the Medium Dark Mousse. I really like it and have a review coming up on it soon.

*The Flatforms are a PR sample/gift


  1. the tan is perfect, the dress like a modern princess but you know way cooler cos of the drama of the rawr nails and the pow wow of the nails. your pins look great. The problem with this outfit is that now that i've see this baby blue with a tan on, I don't think I could like it as much without a tan, haha. If I were your dad, I'd be very proud to say: 'Look at my gorgeous daughter' :)

    so yeah, i liked it.
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  2. This dress is so pretty and the colour really complements you! :) Love the nails too, it adds such an edge to your outfit x

  3. Love the colour of your tan and if you don't mind me saying you look way hotter now! ;)

    Nic xx



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