Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Model Co Tan Mousse Self Tanning Instant Bronzing Foam Review

I have discovered a new fake tan that I absolutely love! It is the Model Co Tan Mousse Self Tanning Instant Bronzing Foam. That's a bit of a mouthful! Think I'll stick to Model Co Tan Mousse.

Model Co Tan Mousse Self Tanning Instant Bronzing Foam
Model Co Tan Mousse Self Tanning Instant Bronzing Foam

In fact I have been so busy loving it that I totally forgot to tell you about it. It was only when I came to the end of the bottle and felt sad that I realised that it was really bad of me not to have told you about it already!  What am I like?!

So here goes. Basically it is absolutely brilliant and I adore the natural looking golden colour that it gives my skin and it is really easy to apply.

The Model Co Tan Mousse 6% DHA and also caramel extract to give a lovely natural colour. The mousse  is slightly runnier than other mousse tans I have used, which makes it really easy to blend into the skin, but it does mean that I needed to be a little less slapdash than I normally am. Any sudden movements can send it flying across the bathroom! However, I am sure that normal, calm people wouldn't have this problem!

The mousse is lightly tinted, so you can a very light and natural instant result which then develops into a beautiful tan. A second coat gives you a fab deeper tan that still looks natural.

I haven't had any problems with streaks or patches at all. The Model Co Tan Mousse has a moisturising formula that makes my skin feel really soft and smooth. It doesn't dry on the skin like some mousses but sinks in more like a light moisturiser. It isn't sticky though, just comfortable.

I use it and go and haven't had problems with it rubbing off on my clothes.

There is minimal fake tan smell, although it does have a bit of a smell, but that cannot be avoided with any product that contains DHA. It is fairly undetectable though, it's just that DHA never gets past my twenty year fake tan trained nose!!

All in all, I completely love this stuff and definitely want more, even though I probably have enough fake tan tan to last me a life time.

You can get the Model Co Tan Mousse Self Tanning Instant Bronzing Foam for £20 from Boots and Debenhams. 

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  1. oh wow, this stuff sounds very promising!
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  2. One of my daughters has this although none of us have used it yet. She got it in a goody bag from a mag when doing work experience so being as its £20 - can't be bad!



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