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I’m Off to Shooka Boot Camp!

Friday, 11th Jan 2013
You may have already seen my terrified tweets but today is the day that I am off to Devon for a week to get fit and healthy with Shooka Boot Camp!
Shooka Boot Camp
Oh my goodness!! There was a time in my life when I would have been really quite ready for this but the sad truth now is that I haven’t really done any proper exercise or set foot inside a gym since about this time last year. Oh dear.

When I run, it is usually for the train, and even that completely kills me at the moment. But the fact is that when I first discovered exercise, I fell in love with it for many years. And even though the gym and I have been out of love of late, it has always been my dream to do a proper, full on boot camp. So I am doing it!
I am slightly peeved that I am the least prepared that I have ever been for it, but hey ho, maybe this is exactly what I need to set me back on track. Here’s hoping!!
And speaking of hoping… I am hoping to lose some weight, and really I should, because since I accepted the invitation to Shooka, I have eaten biscuits every day! I’m sure that’s not how it’s supposed to work! But anyway, I have a bit more wobble than usual to work off.
I am also hoping to build some muscle and really tone up, or at least start to, then I might not have to wear my magic knickers so much!!
Ultimately I am hoping that when I come back, I will feel super motivated to eat healthily and exercise more because I know it will help my sleep patterns which are totally crazy at the moment. I am a rubbish sleeper and exercise and diet really helps.
So! In case you want to keep up to date with how I am getting on, I shall be keeping a daily diary here on ReallyRee. I’ll let you know how I am feeling, what I have done, what the place looks like, what I am eating and whether I have cried (!)…and anything else I can think of.
The next mission is to drag the world’s heaviest case (result of serious panic buying) into the car and hit the road! I think it will take me about 4 and a half hours to get there.
If you want to have a peak at where I am going, check out
See you on the other side!!
*I am attending as a guest of Shooka Boot Camp for the purpose of review.

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