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5 Ways Makeup Can Get You Through a Hard Day at Work


Well we all know that work can be tough but sometimes it’s the little things that can make all the difference. And when we say little things, what we actually mean are the little things that fit in your makeup bag.

Here are 5 ways makeup can get you through a hard day at work.

1. Difficult Meeting?


If you have a meeting that you’re a bit worried about, go for a power pout. A slick of red lipstick will get you feeling confident and looking in control, and everyone will be listening to what’s coming out of that mouth!

2. Screen Fatigue?


Staring at the screen too long? Take a minute to dab on some eye cream and re-apply your light reflective concealer. If you’re looking more awake, you’ll feel more awake.

3.Feeling Bored?


Take a mini-break at your desk – research all the latest new beauty launches and make a wishlist. There’s nothing like a beauty blog break to wake you up! Just make sure you’re ready to minimise if the boss is looming!

4. No Motivation?


Tell yourself that if you knuckle down and focus, then you can have a little present to yourself on Friday. You do deserve that Tom Ford Lipstick don’t you? Plan to wear it on Monday for the first time and you’ll be bouncing out of bed!

5. Lost Your Bounce?


If you can’t find the answer in your makeup bag, then you’ll find it in the salon! Pop out at lunch and get a blow dry. Not only will be swishing around the office all afternoon, but you’ll be super glam for those post-work drinks!

Some may say we’re shallow, we say do more of what makes you happy!


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