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Beauty dilemmas: Ingrown Hairs & How To Treat Them

28 Mar 2016

How to treat ingrown hairsWhilst waxing can be a great solution for keeping your skin super smooth and hair-free all year round, one major disadvantage of waxing for many people is ingrown hairs. Whereas hairs are supposed to grow up and through the skin, sometimes, particularly after waxing, they can curl up and grow under the skin instead, causing unsightly and painful little red bumps.

Ingrown Hairs: So What’s A Girl (Or Boy!) To Do?

Ingrown Hairs Body ScrubFirstly, regular exfoliation really helps. Dead skin is the cause of most in-growns; after waxing fragile new hairs can’t break through the layers of dead skin that are over the follicle. Exfoliating regularly can help to slough off the top layer of skin that’s causing the trouble and let the hair grow through. Try a gorgeously scented body scrub such as Ren Guerande Salt Exfoliating Body Balm or if you’re on a budget Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub is really lovely.


skin doctorsIf exfoliation doesn’t work, or the ingrown is in an area that you really don’t want to exfoliate with a scrub, lotions that contain fruit acids can have the same effect as physical exfoliation, helping to clear the ingrowns and prevent them returning. Ingrown hair lotions such as Skin Doctors Ingrown Go really work when used regularly but can be a bit stingy- proceed with caution if you don’t want your housemates to hear you howling!

Ingrown Hairs TweezersOnce you’ve exfoliated and treated the area you might need to grab a pair of tweezers to pull the hair out from under the skin. My favourite tweezers are these from Tweezerman, but any that can grip the hair firmly will do. Only ever use clean fingers and tweezers when removing an ingrown hair, and coat the bump with antiseptic cream once the hair is removed, to get rid of any minor infection. If the ingrown looks properly infected consult your GP or pharmacist for advice- infected hair follicles can turn nasty if left untreated.

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