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Bloggers & Brands on Twitter. To Re-Tweet or not to Re-Tweet. That is the Question


This post is really for bloggers and brands so may not appeal to everyone.  Apologies! Many more normal posts coming soon!
I was having a little think about how much it matters whether a brand acknowledges and shares my posts and reviews to their followers and I kind of decided that for me, it pretty much boils down to good manners.

If I have tried a product, liked it and flagged it up to the brand on twitter, then I like it if they respond to my tweet and acknowledge the post, really like it if they retweet the post and love it if they write a new tweet to their followers including a link to my review.
Now there are obvious reasons why I like retweets and also some less obvious ones. Here they are:
  • Increased traffic
  • New readers
  • New followers
  • Sign of support
  • Increased credibility
  • Feeling of being valued
  • Opportunity to be answer a range of questions from a wider audience on the post/product
  • Exposure to other brands
Reasons not to care?
  • I write for enjoyment not recognition
  • I write for the benefit of my readers
  • I don’t write to please brands
  • Etc etc etc

But all of the principles behind the reasons not to care remain completely intact if the brand does retweet or tweet out the link. There can never be any damage done by it.

As I said earlier, many brands will tweet me and say thanks for the post, or that they love the post, or that the outfit looks great, which is brilliant and always feels really good. But a one second click on Retweet would take absolutely no time and effort and make such a massive difference for all the reasons I have stated above.

There is one brand that has a huge twitter following that always ALWAYS thanks and compliments me on the post, but at the end of the day with all sentiment aside, what I would really love is a blooming retweet!!! Sorry but it’s true.

I understand that brands can’t retweet everything. Especially just tweets where people are saying how much they love a particular product, because then it becomes spam, and trust me, I have unfollowed brands that relentlessly retweet every time someone even nearly mentions their product. That is just a pain in the twitter bum!

But a retweet of a useful, well put together beauty review, or fashion post isn’t spam – it should be in the interest of their followers and hence the interest of the brand. And after you work hard on a post, surely it is just good manners?

I am sure that people have lots of different views on this. In fact I asked twitter and yes they did! I thought you might like to read some of the tweets.

I asked bloggers, How important is it for you that a brand retweets your posts?

Victoria ‏@victoriaeighty5 it makes my day, I know that they’ve appreciated my post and that all their followers have a chance of seeing it too x
Annie @annieroseuk Not very, I prefer if them to just at least acknowledge it
Lucy ‏@lucyparts not at all, it’s nice but doesn’t bother me either way!
Vex in the City ‏@VexintheCity Hmm depends. If it’s a big launch, it’s appreciated and if it’s a giveaway, then def!
girl_friday_beauty ‏@girlfriday_bb appreciate it but don’t expect it. It’s nice to think they have acknowledged it.
Eyelining ‏@ClaireEyelining Not very. It’s nice if they do but their loss (free publicity for their product) if they don’t
tsunimee ‏@tsunimee big deal for me. if they don’t, i feel a bit sad. like my review was crap or not worth retweeting
Jude ‏@jadlgw I think it is really nice if a brand RT’s the review, kind of shows their appreciation.
Ellie ‏@misseblog I agree with @girlfriday_bb it’s nice when it happens but I probably wouldn’t even notice if it didn’t x
girl_friday_beauty ‏@girlfriday_bb I write for my own enjoyment so anything else is a bonus!
Lucy ‏@lucyparts yep! Which is why it’s nice but I wouldn’t go tweet crazy just to get noticed by a particular brand.
tsunimee ‏@tsunimee ok but we need to keep in mind all the reasons why a brand doesn’t might not be rting your stuff
Nic ‏@Strawbry_Blonde If they don’t, I wonder why.
Sam Hammond Donald ‏@MakeupAdviceMAF agree. Like it best when they create their own tweet rather than just rting mine. X
tsunimee ‏@tsunimee not all brands are very active on the twitter front, with many checking their replies just every now and then some of them will tweeting from their fbook account and dont even see your tweet
Eyelining ‏@ClaireEyelining I suppose my thinking is they are probably busy etc. But will admit to feeling disappointed if they don’t
Jayne Read ‏@JayneJRead Agreeing! But also think that brands shouldn’t RT everything as well.
Grace London ‏@LondonMUgirl It’s nice, but not bothered if they don’t. I write reviews primarily for the people who read my blogs.
Jude ‏@jadlgw I don’t mind if the brand isn’t that active on here x
Sam Hammond Donald ‏@MakeupAdviceMAF my Olympic rings post had 26 brands involved and so far 96 tweets. They really got on board!!
Lucy ‏@lucyparts sometimes just a ‘thank you, we enjoyed reading’ is nice too.
Jude ‏@jadlgw I worry about it if the review tweet is ignored by very active brands though x
tsunimee ‏@tsunimee  sometimes they are very active but from fbook. mua for example do most of their tweeting from fbook
♥ KLW Winnie x ‏@THEstyleBITE definitely agree. I have also written really nice posts about brands for them to thank me, then unfollow! #notgood! Xx
Jayne Read ‏@JayneJRead I hate it when brands completely ignore your tweets. Takes seconds to respond with something!
Grace London ‏@LondonMUgirl I do find the smaller/indie brands I like tend to be really supportive and RT though.
Nic ‏@Strawbry_Blonde yet MUA are great at RTing
Sam Hammond Donald ‏@MakeupAdviceMAF my point is, is that they got involved. I’d rather that than a RT or ignored (which happens too… grrrr!)
Jude ‏@jadlgw Totally agree, brands should respond to tweets!
Caroline Hirons ‏@CarolineHirons Doesn’t bother me either way. No biggie.
Stephanie May Smooch ‏@MaySmooch It’s good for both parties if they do! xxx
Sam Hammond Donald ‏@MakeupAdviceMAF I email PR when I’ve featured them and ask them to tweet and add to their Facebook. 99% do…
Grace London ‏@LondonMUgirl  Have to say, the Clinique girls are brilliant on Social Media too.
Jayne Read ‏@JayneJRead Good idea if you have the time. I don’t get why some brands have social media & aren’t social
Andii James ‏@MrAJBx3 sorry to butt in 😛 but i agree people like MUA and VIVO always try to retweet posts people do on there makeup
tsunimee ‏@tsunimee this doesn’t work for me. i dont know the pr of everything i review lol x
Sam Hammond Donald ‏@MakeupAdviceMAF and if I’ve used my own pics, I ask them to pinterest it too….
Grace London ‏@LondonMUgirl It’s great when they do. Good for brand, good for blogger.
Jayne Read ‏@JayneJRead Good point. They are missing out then. This is where they need to interact.
Sam Hammond Donald ‏@MakeupAdviceMAF contact those (PRs) you do and those that don’t know you yet, soon will. They all follow each other!
Andii James ‏@MrAJBx3 yeah exactly i think its awesome when brands acutally support people 😀 xx
Sam Hammond Donald ‏@MakeupAdviceMAF  @fglbeauty Retweeted me AND created own tweet AND did a blog re a post I did. That was the BEST!
Jayne Read ‏@JayneJRead  I like those guys, they’re pretty special!
Kerry ‏@helloitskerry I agree, even if they just re-tweeted, it’d take less time and help out the blogger.

Annie @annieroseuk if they think it’s good enough yeah, surely they’d want their followers to be encouraged to buy their products from a 3rd party?

BritishBeautyBlogger ‏@britbeautyblog  It’s just a very good way to show mutual support.
Jude ‏@jadlgw A brand didn’t RT me but I suddenly started getting traffic from their website as they had put a link to my blog on there, fab x
So as you can see, a lot of us have an opinion on this! Thanks so much to everyone who shared their views. I’d love to hear what you think if you didn’t get a chance to get involved on twitter.
I am not on Twitter too much today so please do leave a comment here on the blog post!

Unless otherwise indicated products reviewed are press or brand samples. Links may be affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase through one of our links we receive a small commission which helps support and run this website.

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17 Responses to Bloggers & Brands on Twitter. To Re-Tweet or not to Re-Tweet. That is the Question

  1. britishbeautyblogger August 5, 2012 at 1:53 pm #

    Thinking about it, this whole RT thing does expose the brands that don’t do it rather more than the brands that do. I think overall my impression is that brands don’t really do it as far as my tweets are concerned.. if they is a (welcome) minority. Benefit, Clinique, Melvita and Abhana are all examples of brands that do and do it well. Mutual support is really important and it is short-sighted not to be supportive.. they never know when it might be a crucial to enjoy a mutually supportive relationship.

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  2. London Beauty Queen August 5, 2012 at 2:43 pm #

    Just from a brands POV, most will have a content calendar of info/tweets they put out there. Many will also have a strict social media strategy which often won’t involve retweeting blog reviews etc (positive or negative – you decide) so it won’t be their policy to do so. The majority of a brands twitter followers will be Jo Bloggs and probably not want to read every blog post on a product, so they have to be careful what they tweet or retweet.

    Similarly, as someone that works with brands I won’t retweet a link to a blog that I don’t think represents my brand well – be it a tatty looking design, poorly written, not aspirational enough etc, so this may be a reason they haven’t retweeted X’s blog. I think thanking people goes a long way, but everyone shouldn’t expect brands to be pushing their blogs when they have lots of other objectives to fulfill.

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    • Ree ReallyRee August 5, 2012 at 5:17 pm #

      Also from a brand perspective, considering that in many cases brands have already decided which blogs they wish to work with, and have even provided the products for the review, they are really missing a trick not retweeting – content calendar or no content calendar. That is my point really – these social media strategies seem far from social.

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    • Ree ReallyRee August 5, 2012 at 5:19 pm #

      Also, in terms of ‘pushing blogs’ I suppose that is a matter of opinion. Is a positive review seen as the blog pushing the brand then?

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    • Anonymous August 5, 2012 at 8:43 pm #

      To be honest – my faith in bloggers is starting to wain.

      You used to be impartial & interesting, taking a different view of a product & not just re-hashing what every magazine writes.

      Truth be told, each blog is now so obviously based on the same press release that each one is overwhelmingly similar & rarely insightful.

      If a brand kept retweeting blogs – I would honestly assume that there was an existing partnership, therefore making blogs no less impartial than paid for advertising.

      Don’t ask such petty questions about whether or not brands should retweet- its smacks of a narcissistic quest for more followers rather than promotion of worthy content.

      If the writing is good enough, people will follow your blog – I did!

      p.s. If a brand retweeted every blog post, it would be bloody boring for everyone that follows them…

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    • Ree ReallyRee August 5, 2012 at 9:35 pm #

      To anon

      The fact of the matter is, I can ask absolutely any question I like!!

      And as a blogger that works hard to create a personal, honest and individual blog, I genuinely do not believe that this is a petty question. It was something I wanted to find out what other people thought about.

      Also my faith in people who comment tends to wain when they are anonymous.

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    • Bare Faced Chic August 5, 2012 at 10:04 pm #

      Dear Anon,

      I think your problem with bloggers is maybe not generalised to all bloggers but to the bloggers you follow! I have read blogs and thought “hang on I’ve read this before!” where it is basically the press release but equally there are a lot which are balanced and honest, based on genuine testing of a product.

      Equally, this is Ree’s blog, she can ask whatever the heck she wants and for bloggers working with brands it is important that they are aware of what it takes for us to feel valued because whether they like it or not, bloggers are influential. Personally I think if they’ve sent you a product for review then they should make the effort to retweet. If a blogger has done all the running then it is up to the brand but if a brand has sought the blogger out then they should make the effort.

      As for anonymous comments, I’m with Ree on this one. If they’re constructive then that’s fine but when it is as critical as yours is then I’m afraid my view is that you know that you’re being rude and that’s why you don’t have the balls to sign your name to it.

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  3. August 5, 2012 at 5:35 pm #

    Excellent post! Thanks so much for including me in the discussion 🙂
    It’s silly that brands don’t just hit the retweet button! But I totally agree, on the other hand, that I’ve unfollowed brands that relentlessly RT every mention of them from their fans. It does indeed fill the feed with spam.

    I guess a balance could be found?

    It does disappoint me a little when I’ve poured a lot of effort into a post and the brand thanks me (which is lovely!) but there’s no RT. 🙁

    Vic x

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    • Ree ReallyRee August 5, 2012 at 8:37 pm #

      You are right. There has to be a balance. xx

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  4. May August 5, 2012 at 6:57 pm #

    Loved this post and seeing the various opinions on twitter! A brand retweeting a post is beneficial for the brand and the blogger and it shows appreciation for featuring a product. Whilst I agree with the point that a brand’s twitter feed can quickly become spam with constant retweets (particularly if lots of bloggers are reviewing the same products at the same time) it’s easy for a brand to incorporate your link in a tweet of their own which is much easier on the timeline than several retweets.
    I know many non-bloggers that don’t follow blogs particularly or seek out reviews but they do read blog reviews when they’re tweeted out by brands they follow out of interest, so it’s a great way for them to see reviews they might otherwise miss, it’s good for everyone!

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  5. adorngirl August 5, 2012 at 7:55 pm #

    It is twitter after all and the whole point of including the brand twitter name is putting up a little social media flag to let them know that you wrote about them, and I only think they should between if they like the actual post.

    Brands always complain that there are so many blog out there well actually take them time to read their reviews and figure out the quality posts from the duds, plus even in a business aspect if its soely about numbers twitter is at a glance a chance to discover the bloggers to collaborate with

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  6. Makeup Advice Forum -Sam August 5, 2012 at 8:28 pm #

    If a brand has contacted you to review something then a tweet is wise on their part, but a random blogger they’ve never had contact with before shouldn’t assume a tweet is on its way from the brand…

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  7. britishbeautyblogger August 5, 2012 at 9:44 pm #

    Ha.. Ree.. I think I know who that Anon is.. recognise the acid tone. She left mine in disgust, so congrats! You have her now!

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  8. Clotheshorse... August 6, 2012 at 3:53 pm #

    Hi Ree just felt I had to leave a comment …. and I totally agree its just good manners… as a career blogger its nice if brands acknowledge you… but because everyday a new blogsite comes up some brands feel they can use this to their advantage… but these blogs come and go and its sites like mine and yours that pay the price…. my new things is if you dont acknowledge or RT you get no feature as the RT works for both parties involved…

    Good on you for bringing this up I have been tempted on so many many occassions to do it

    L x x

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  9. Cherie City August 6, 2012 at 9:21 pm #

    I’m always impressed with brands that retweet my posts and engage on twitter. I don’t mind if they don’t because twitter is a big place and it’s hard for them to keep up, esp if they don’t have a full-time social media manager.

    Talking about good manners, what disappoints me more is when I work on a story with a PR and then don’t get a response/feedback/thank you for taking the time to do so when I send over a link. I’ve worked as a journalist and in luxury PR and would be mortified if I hadn’t thanked a writer for their coverage. It only takes a few seconds while the email is open.

    Back to the subject, I think you’re right to bring this up, Ree. For brands that aren’t tied to policies, retweeting can be mutually beneficial, as the story gets read by a larger audience, including their own followers who already like the brand. If the blog is ‘on brand’, then why not?

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