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Christmas Gifts for the Boys


I have always found men really hard to buy for. In fact, I wrote one of my very first posts about the agony boy presents cause me!
I haven’t bought my boy presents yet (surprise surprise) but these are a few things I’ve come across.
For boys that like skincare…
Boots No7 Face Care Kit for Men
I love a bit of No7 so if it’s good enough for me, it’s good enough for them! This Men’s Face Care Kit costs£16 and includes Wake-up Facewash, Energising Moisturiser and a Face Scrub, plus a 100% cotton flannel.
For boys who like to smell nice… (or you like them smelling nice)
Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Fragrance Set
I’ve always liked Gucci fragrance and my boyf loves Gucci Guilty (and Intense too). Here this Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Fragrance Set includes Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Eau de Toilette 50ml, Gucci Guilty Pour Homme Aftershave Balm 50ml and Gucci Guilty Pour Homme All Over Shampoo 50ml. It’s pretty good value at £42 – he’ll smell nice, you’ll like his smell and everyone’s a winner!!
For beardy boys…
BaByliss for Men I-stubble
I have included this one at the recommendation of the lovely Daniel Sandler who is a super friend and makeup artist extraordinaire! He raves about the BaByliss for Men I-stubble. He said, and I quote twitter which seems to be ‘a la mode’ these days “You have to let peeps know about the babyliss i-stubble beard trimmer. Its amazing. keeps stubble at perfect length. Best ever, honestly”
It’s £60 at Boots but I think I have seen it for £40 at Comet but don’t quote me!!
For gadgety boys…
Gadget 10 in 1 Pocket Tool Key Ring
And we all know gadgety boys, In fact, I quite like a gadget myself. I am still crying about my personalised ReallyRee Victorinox Swiss Army knife being taken from me at Valencia airport. I never left the house without that thing!!
This Gadget 10 in 1 Pocket Tool Key Ring cost £6 and gives you pliers, wire cutter, flat screwdriver, cross-head screwdriver, awl, pen knife, bottle opener, file, can opener and key ring!! You cannot say fairer than that!!!
And now I am exhausted!! Those boys are tricky!! Back to buying pretty things for girls!!

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