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Beauty Dilemmas- How To Care For Your Cuticles

Sian-Louise Auld
ReallyRee Contributor

Have you ever painted your nails with an expensive nail polish, in a stunning shade, just to find your dry, bitten cuticles spoil the appearance of your manicure? Especially in these bitter winter months, many of us suffer with unsightly cracked cuticles, which just don’t cut it next to this season’s nail art!


But how do we achieve smooth, healthy cuticles without visiting a nail technician every week? Simply by investing in 3 products, and treating yourself to a DIY manicure once a week.

Cuticle Care Tip 1


As with our facial skin, it is important to exfoliate regularly. Try to look for a product which features Alpha Hydroxy Acids, which gently eats away at dead skin cells in a matter of minutes. Just remember to rinse away thoroughly to avoid over exfoliation. Try Avoplex exfoliating cuticle treatment from nail care brand OPI for a professional touch.

Cuticle Care Tip 2


Next, it’s time to inject back the moisture with cuticle oil. There are many cuticle oils available on the market, including Sally Hansen Vitamin E Cuticle Oil, which softens cuticles and absorbs quickly. Try massaging into cuticles twice daily, to soften skin and stimulate nail growth. Keep some in your desk drawer at work and use it throughout the day if your cuticles are particularly dry.

Cuticle Care Tip 3


Finally, finish with a slather of rich hand cream and pop on a pair of cotton gloves before bed. I’d recommend a pea sized amount to the back of your hand and then rubbing the two backs of your hands together, before slipping on your gloves.

Voilà! Softer, healthier cuticles and prettier nails by sun rise!!


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