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DKNY Be Tempted Eau So Blush Review


Have you ever seen the iconic apple looking so cute! I love this bottle so much! Here’s the brand new DKNY Be Tempted Eau So Blush fragrance. Buy it here

DKNY Be Tempted Eau So Blush Review

DKNY Be Tempted Eau So Blush Review

The original apple was a full on obsession of mine when I was younger. I had about three or four bottles of it in a row and that is quite a commitment for a bona fide beauty junkie and newness addict!

Since its launch back in 2004, DKNY’s Be Delicious Eau de Parfum has carved a very special niche in fragrance history. It was so new and fresh and different back then, and when you look at the latest incarnations and hold them in your hand, it still has a contemporary feel almost thirteen years later. Especially in blush pink! The DKNY Be Tempted Eau So Blush edition is a beauty to behold. The second I laid eyes on it, I knew I had to show it to you!

DKNY Be Tempted Eau So Blush Review

DKNY Be Tempted Eau So Blush Review

This is a slightly softer version of the previous Be Tempted launch which came in a bright red bottle. I love the blush pink much more! There are so many different apples available now, that you can get a bit numb to it all. But the colour got me this time.

DKNY Be Tempted Eau So Blush Notes

There’s a distinct lack of apple in this apple, but plenty of other fruit to keep you occupied!

  • Top notes: Pink Grappefruit, Blood Orange, Magnolia & Red Currant
  • Heart notes: Peony, Jasmine  & Cedarwood
  • Base notes: Creamy Woods, Apricot & Musk
DKNY Be Tempted Eau So Blush Review

DKNY Be Tempted Eau So Blush Review

Once the fruit in the opening notes passes (which it does quite quickly), it has a lovely flowery, powdery quality. The dry-down is creamy and soft which I really like. This isn’t a loud fragrance. It stays close to the skin so perfect if you want something subtle and day-time appropriate. I definitely think it will appeal to younger women and especially those with a penchant for blush!

DKNY Be Tempted Eau So Blush starts at £37 for 30ml and is available exclusively HERE. It launches nationwide from March.




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2 Responses to DKNY Be Tempted Eau So Blush Review

  1. Rachel January 10, 2017 at 11:28 am #

    I absolutely have loved all of these DKNY fragrances so I am guessing I will adore this one too and the packaging is just stunning too x

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    • Ree January 10, 2017 at 11:39 am #

      love the colour so much!! x

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