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The EMU Boots Water Test – With Action Shots!!!


I popped along to the Emu Australia showroom last week. They had some gorgeous boots and coats there but it was this that caught my attention the most…
The EMU Boots Water Test – Before
The photo above is of the lovely Frankie from the EMU press office pouring a glass of water over a soft suede Emu boot.
And this is it immediately after. The water ran straight off. 

The EMU Boots Water Test – After
Impressive eh?! Particularly because a wet cold winter is on its way (sorry to depress you) and this year I really quite fancy being prepared. What I hate about the normal style of Uggs is that they stain easily, completely collapse and end up looking really quite Uggly!!
Apparently because these Emu boots are completely water resistant (due to the water repellent that has been added through the tanning process) they are also incredibly resistant to staining and, cleverly, they won’t collapse because they have a fibre glass heel.
This kind of boot isn’t really my normal style but I find them hard to resist when the going (climate) gets really tough! Even more irresistible if I can avoid all my pet hates too.
Emu Australia is available both at stockists around the country, and at – the womenswear footwear price point starting £100.
I’m definitely up for a pair! To see more photos from the Winter 2011 collection, please click here.

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  1. wellies boots November 16, 2011 at 10:21 am #

    Wow that is pretty amazing. People should go and look for that kind of boots. It will not get wet no matter what . But how are you going to clean it?

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