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Famous Dave Self Tan Wipes Review


Famous Dave Self Tan Wipes
Famous Dave Self Tan Wipes
One of the self tan products that gets a big thumbs up from me is the Famous Dave Self Tanning Mousse Gold Edition. You can read that review here.
I was really interested to try these Self Tan Wipes from Famous Dave because I love the idea of a ‘tan in a packet’, minimal mess and no tanned up mitts to wash out after.
Overall I really rather liked these wipes. I have done 2 whole  body applications and have one wipe left in the pack. Because I have just a couple of little reservations about these, I am going to break this up into pros and cons.


  • Easy to store and travel with
  • Mess and fuss free
  • Minimal fake tan smell
  • Dried instantly
  • Fast tan development, 3-4 hours
  • Lovely natural golden colour that seems to get better before it starts to fade
  • Even fade
  • Lasts 3-4 days before fade begins
  • Need 2 wipes for full body and there are only 5 in a pack
  • There is no colour guide so tricky to see where you have tanned, which mean the finish was a little streaky in places
  • The wipe dries out a bit so there’s the worry that some areas will get more tanned than others
I think that any streakiness was more noticeable because I did this on really (REALLY) white skin. It would have been much less of a problem had I been topping up an existing natural or fake tan and didn’t have naturally blue skin! Luckily it wasn’t anywhere noticeable in clothes. I am so used to having a colour guide in my tanning products that I have become quite dependent on it.
The next time I did a full body application, the streaky bits evened out well and were less noticeable because I already had tan on my skin.
I would definitely take these wipes on my holidays with me to top up a pre-applied fake tan. The downsides aren’t enough to put me off how amazingly convenient they are, and what a lovely colour they deliver. I am just going to practise non colour guide application more!
Check out Famous Dave online here. A box of wipes cost £9.99 and you get 5.

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One Response to Famous Dave Self Tan Wipes Review

  1. Raven June 6, 2012 at 5:15 pm #

    I think you just saved my life! I am so pale it hurts, if I go in the sun I instantly turn into the amazing lobster woman, even with factor 50 on.
    I have a big event to go to in the summer and I have been panicing about how white I look in the dress I’m wearing, these will be totally perfect!

    Thank you so much for the review. I shall bookmark the page right now!

    Raven xo

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