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Fashion for the Kitchen


I was recently sent this absolutely beautiful tea kettle from Cuisinart. As a serious fan of a good cup of tea and also of gorgeous things, this little beauty is ticking all the boxes.
It’s super cute because it whistles just like an old fashion kettle, and there’s something about that that makes me feel all traditional and vintage and a girly girl for some reason. But then I am a little mad.
It does take slightly longer to boil than a normal kettle, but when it’s boiled, or reached the right temperature for your chosen tea, you can be sure you’ll get the perfect cup.

How many times to you boil an electric kettle, only to walk off, forget all about it, and have to boil it all over again? None of that with the cute whistle. Well at least now that I’m used to it! For a while back there I was kind of aware of a whistling noise but didn’t associate it with my tea. It took some time for the penny to drop.


This is perfect if you’re a fan of lots of different types of tea because each tea has a specific brewing temperature to achieve it’s best flavour. The kettle comes with a recipe book that tells you what you need and the perfect brewing temperature for each different type of tea. Simples!
It’s easy to clean, you can boil tonnes of water at once, it’s super sturdy and the temperature gauge is easy to read. My little boy loves the gauge, so fun for all the family!!! And don’t forget…the perfect cuppa!
For more information visit The kettle retails at £65 and comes with a life time guarantee.



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  1. Jodie June 15, 2011 at 4:34 pm #

    Ok, I love these!
    I’m not a huge tea drinker myself, I tend to indulge in the hot fruit tea but that’s about it, but these looks fantastic. Adorably cute and enough of a gadget to get the male house mates interested!


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