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Father’s Day Frenzy. The Pressure of Presents!


Well there are two dads I need to shop for, for father’s day. There’s my dad who’s 89. He was 54 when I was born and he’s a legend. For the purposes of this post, I’ll call him Big Daddy. Then there’s my son’s dad. He’s 37, very hard working and an all round good egg. I’ll call him Little Daddy. For your information, Little Daddy is actually bigger than Big Daddy (big daddy is really cute and little) but I think I’ll just leave things like that.

I’m writing this because I always find it quite a challenge to buy for men. Especially for these two men. This is because Big Daddy is so old that he has finally collected everything that he’s ever wanted and Little Daddy likes shopping and always buys everything he wants, before anyone else has a chance.

So it’s a struggle. I never expect to get it right so the main goal is to not get it completely wrong! Shopping for girls is so much fun; in fact, it’s what I do best. Shopping for boys is sheer torture. Who can help me? This year I have decided to look at ASOS for ideas. With free delivery and free returns, I can’t go wrong can I? I don’t work for ASOS, in case you were wondering. I just love that whole free delivery business.

I’m thinking clothes, so the question is, can I find father’s day presents for an 89 year old and a 37 year old from the same online store? On a budget? Let the search begin!

OK, well straight away it’s quite off putting trying to buy clothes for my dad that are modelled by men that are too young to be his grandchildren (ish). I understand that 89 year olds are not ASOS’s target market so I’m not complaining. Keep searching. I’m looking in polo shirts, because he looks so cute in a polo shirt. Just need to stop looking at who’s wearing them. And keep this person in mind:

How cute is he? My son took this photo and that’s me looking proud in the background (of both of them). In case you’re wondering, I am wearing Tom Ford Aviators, an assymetric cut T-shirt from ASOS and denim shorts from Moto Topshop. The watch is Hello Kitty. Sorry.
Ok, I’ve found one. Lovely green colour, nice longer sleeve, as I don’t think Big Daddy is over keen on flexing his biceps to the world, and only £14. Bargain. What do you think? Click here to have a look.

So, on to Little Daddy. Now Little Daddy and I are separated but I see him enough to get an idea of what he likes. He’s interested in fashion, so I reckon I can be a little adventurous. Back to the search. Stay positive, I’m halfway there.

OK this is harder. You see, with Big Daddy, he will love anything I give him. He neither knows nor cares about fashion; he trusts me and just likes looking nice. Little Daddy has got much more of a clue, so I’m facing more pressure not to make a mistake. Keep looking. Focus on ‘New In’.
Denim joggers? NO. Sleeveless T-Shirts? NO. Oh look!!! There’s Jesus, a model I saw on Polka Dot (a lovely blog I follow) probably from the shoot Polka Dot refers to her in post? Go on look!!! No stop. Stay focussed.

It’s too late. I’ve lost it. The pressure is too much and the towel is thrown in. Aftershave again!

Do you find buying gifts stressful? What strategies do you use? What should we get Little Daddy? Can you help me?

Can’t wait to hear from you



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2 Responses to Father’s Day Frenzy. The Pressure of Presents!

  1. Some Style... June 12, 2010 at 11:19 am #

    very cute you and your sweet dad! you look very lovely! dearest greets!

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  2. RRyan June 12, 2010 at 1:18 pm #

    I’m a new follower. Great post!

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