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Filorga NCTF Essence Review

ReallyRee Contributor

Remember the days when we just used soap and water to wash our faces and then if you were fancy, a drop of moisturiser? For younger readers – trust me, way back in the day this was the extent of most people’s “skincare” routine. Thankfully those days are long gone. However, sometimes I feel we have now gone to the complete opposite end of the scale and the amount of skincare products we are recommended to use in our routines is getting a little out of hand.

I use more than five different skincare products in both my morning and evening routine and I feel I don’t have the time, inclination or bathroom space for an additional product. I also don’t want to overload my skin. So when I was sent the Filorga NCTF Essence I wasn’t sure how and if I would be able to add this in to my skincare routine. Find it here

The Filorga NCTF Essence Supreme Regenerating Lotion is used morning and evening on to cleansed skin and it’s the step before your serum and/or moisturiser. The aim of this light lotion is to prepare the skin to receive your skincare products. And as well as prep, it gives long lasting hydration and helps to un-do a dull looking complexion.
So have I found a space in my regime to add the Filorga NCTF Essence in? Yes I have and I can say that, although I initially felt that this was a princessy product (an unnecessary luxury), I really enjoy using it. The Essence smells delicious, a light floral scent, which you can apply either by dropping a few drops in to your palm and using your fingers to apply all over your face or, as I do, with a cotton pad.

Filorga NCTF Essence

Filorga NCTF Essence

The texture of this Essence is silky smooth and feels hydrating, yet sinks in quickly leaving my skin soft and smooth and bright looking. So yes, there is definitely room for the Filorga NCTF Essence in my routine and life. Find Filorga NCTF Essence to order online here.

Julie from That Age Style

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