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Freya Carys Longline Bra


I am having a bit of an underwear fest on the blog today!! This is my absolute favourite bra of the moment because with this, back fat is a thing of the past! Here it is! The Freya Carys Longline Bra…

The knickers are lovely too but this post is all about the bra.

In all the years I have been wearing bras (LONG time), I have never ever tried a long line bra. Although I always thought they looked great – check it out on Mrs Model here –
– I always assumed that they were reserved for all the beautiful small boobied girlies, not top heavy, big boobied girlies like me. 
I found Freya’s fabulousness quite a while back now and I can confidently pick out pretty much any 30F and know that it will support, flatter and comfort. I have found that Freya bras look fab with or without clothes and it is definitely a brand that anyone with boobage should get to know.
And I cannot recommend this long line bra enough. Exactly the same amazing support, shape and comfort, but it is longer in the body and seems to smooth everything out.
Over the years I have been various weights and even at my skinniest I have always had that little bulge that a well fitted bra can give. However, any hint of back fat is completely smoothed out with the longer line and 6 hooks of this bra.
6 hooks sounds like a lot, but as it looks more like a pretty bustier than a hefty bra, it is really rather flattering. I love it and kind of wish all my bras could be longline.
Check out Freya’s amazing range at

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  1. tor (fabfrocks) January 9, 2013 at 8:56 pm #

    Ooh I love this! And I didn’t realise that you could get long line bras in fuller cups – must try it on!!

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