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Help: a Heart, Nominate your Hero campaign – Final Week



PhotobucketIt’s the last week of the Help: a Heart, Nominate your Hero campaign – why not nominate your Valentine?

It’s the last week of Works with Water Nutraceuticals’ Help: a Heart, Nominate your Hero campaign, so make sure you get your entries in! And since the final winner of the campaign will be announced on Valentine’s Day, why not nominate your own Valentine as your hero, and they could receive an exclusive hamper direct to their doorstep – breakfast in bed, anyone?

Whoever you choose to nominate, simply tell Works with Water Nutraceuticals who the unsung hero in your life is, and give your reasons why that person is special.

The most compelling entry each week will win an exclusive Healthy Heart Warming Hamper, which will be delivered to the person they have nominated as their hero with a personalized note saying ‘you’re my hero’.

Nominate your hero (Stating who your hero is, their relationship to you and why they are your hero):

Week 3 winner: Natalie Fairbank (via email), who nominated her boyfriend Kaal

Natalie’s hero nomination statement: “As a member of the armed forces I have a tendency to feel that the term ‘hero’ does not even come close to what he[Kaal] is and what he does for a living. But in addition to his work life, he is my hero because of how he makes my life better in every single way. I work a very long way from home and as a result am out of the house for large proportions of the day, which doesn’t leave me lots of time. From picking me up from the station, to surprising me with flowers while he is away on operational tour (and probably has more important things to worry about!) and even making sure all the washing is done, he is one person who always puts my needs first, no matter how stressful and demanding his own life is. If anyone deserves recognition for everything that he does, professionally and personally I believe he does.”

The Works with Water Nutraceuticals judging panel chose Natalie’s hero to receive the prize of a Healthy Heart Warming Hamper, as they felt that Kaal is not only a hero for serving his country in the armed forces, but he also still finds the time to value the important people in his life.

You can follow the progress of the campaign at:

help: cholesterol and help: blood pressure are available from selected Waitrose and Holland & Barrett stores (plus selected Boots from 30 January 2011) and online at, priced at £15.79-£16.79 for a week’s supply, or £54.99 for a month’s supply (only available via website).

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The Help: a Heart, Nominate your Hero Campaign


OK. Guess what?! I am an AMBASSADOR!! Even more exciting, I am a HEART AMBASSADOR! You have no idea how brilliant I think this is!!! 
But to be serious, let me explain. I am a Heart Ambassador (sorry, I couldn’t resist saying it again!) for a brilliant and special campaign that is launching today.

It’s the Help: a Heart, Nominate your Hero campaign and it is absolutely lovely. It belongs to Works with Water Nutraceuticals and aims to encourage people to recognise and praise the people in their lives that care for them and selflessly help them, in a bid to make our society a nicer place to be.

I have to say. I am all for sharing the love! It’s such a gorgeous heart-warming campaign, and let’s face it, we could all do with a bit of cheering up at this time of year.

So the plan is that every week for four weeks, starting today, everyone will be invited to nominate their own everyday heroes in their lives – the people that regularly perform acts of kindness that perhaps get taken for granted – and give their reasons why that person is special. Doesn’t that just make you want to hug someone?!

And here’s the really really good bit – The most compelling entry each week will win an exclusive breakfast-in-bed Healthy Heart Warming Hamper, which will be delivered to the person they have nominated as their hero with a personalised note saying ‘you’re my hero’. The first winner will be chosen on Friday 21 January, with subsequent winners announced every Friday, ending 11 February.
So come on everybody, let the people you love know how you feel about them and nominate your hero!

My mummy is who I would nominate as my hero and here’s why.


She is completely amazing, utterly selfless and will do anything for her family. My mum didn’t have the best start in life herself. Her dad died before she was born and her mum died when she was just 14 and she ended up being looked after by her big sister (her hero) and spent time in a convent boarding school. She missed her family very much. 

But she has always had a smile on her face and has worked hard at every aspect of life. Plucked from playing in rivers and fields in her home town in Ireland, she ended up in London where she succeeded in a challenging job in London for over 20 years. I’m glad she made this move because this was where she met another hero, my gorgeous Dad. 

My mum and my dad have made a million happy memories for me and my sister. Wonderful family memories that they had so few of themselves.

My mum is strong and sensitive and I can honestly say that she has never let me down. Her dream is to make her family’s dreams come true. My mum has shown me what real love looks and feels like and that is why she’s my hero.

Who would you nominate? You can enter the competition by leaving a comment on this post stating who your hero is, their relationship to you and why they are your hero.

Other ways to enter:

More good news:

Help: a Heart, Nominate your Hero forms part of Works with Water’s wider campaign to raise awareness of the importance of looking after your own and your family’s heart health, as heart disease kills more people in the UK than any other condition. Throughout the duration of the 4 week campaign, Works with Water is offering 35% off both its 100% natural heart health supplements online – help: cholesterol and help: blood pressure. 

Works with Water will donate 15% of profits during the campaign to Tiny Tickers (; a charity working for a better start for babies with heart disease before they are born.

So what are you waiting for? Get nominating and let your hero know how much they mean to you!

Can’t wait to hear from you



Unless otherwise indicated products reviewed are press or brand samples. Links may be affiliate links.

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2 Responses to The Help: a Heart, Nominate your Hero Campaign

  1. Anonymous January 28, 2011 at 10:32 am #

    I love this post and the whole idea.

    I would like to nominate my mummy too!
    She has always been a inspiration to me, My mum had me at the young age of 19 and raised me on her own, through university, totally amazing to do either of these things but the 2 combined shows pure commitment.She is always there for me and has been my best friend, i can talk to my mum about anything and she is now as supportive to me as i am a mum. I Love my mum and would love to treat her and let her know.
    Please nominate my mummy!!
    Lucy Maree

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  2. Rachel April 6, 2011 at 5:49 am #

    Mother’s Day is coming. I made an order for 2 bottles of Birds Nest soup ( as well as 4 packets of Chinese tea that’s supposed to be good for regulating cholestrol. My mom’s cholestrol has been pretty high lately, or so she tells me.

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