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Beauty Dilemmas- How To Remove Glitter Nail Polish

Rebecca Varley
ReallyRee Editor

Glitter polish isn’t an every day kind of a deal in my life, but sometimes I change my mind and wear it almost constantly. This is especially true around Christmas when wearing glitter just feels somehow right. It isn’t that I don’t like glitter polish- I do, in small doses. Rather, it’s just that getting it off and getting my fingers back to their natural, non glittery selves seems like such an enormous undertaking that usually I just can’t be bothered to wear it in the first place. So read on, for our top tips on how to remove glitter nail polish.

Bottles with spilled nail polish over white background

If you’re short of time, ditch the DIY and choose a product specifically designed for the job. Glitter Scrubbers from Butter London are the fastest, easiest and least strenuous way to remove those flecks of shimmering evil that just won’t budge.

Determined to go the DIY route? All is not lost! These tips mean you can actually take off even the most stubborn of spot-welded, glitter polishes with only a limited amount of faff….

1. Prepare: Start by cutting ten strips of silver foil to a size that’s easy to wrap around the end of your fingers.

How To Remove Glitter Nail Polish

2. Soak: Take a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover. Place it directly over the nail, taking care not to miss the edges.


3. Wrap: Place the foil over the cotton ball and wrap it around the finger, folding at the top to keep the whole thing firmly in place.


4. Remove: Wait 5-10 minutes then firmly press on the nail whilst sliding the foil and cotton ball off. All of the glitter should come off with it.


5. Repair: Nails not looking their best? Apply some nail oil to get them back to their pre- glitter condition.

Kobieta maluje paznokcie olejkiem do skrek i paznokci

Do you have any tips on how to remove glitter nail polish? Share them below!


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