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I Do Everything!! Errr Do I?


How many times have we heard that or said that!! It’s the age old battle of who does the most round the house! It’s obvz us isn’t it? And now we can prove it! BRILLIANT!
Check out this new app for iPhone and Android – Chores Worth – that will help you do exactly that. With the free Your Cover Chores Worth app, you can enter your details and find out how much the chores you do around the house are worth. Good eh? And even more funny, you can work who is the lazy one that does next to nothing!!From now on you’ll have evidence on your side! It might even inspire people to pitch in a bit more for fear of being found out

Have a look!! Winner!!!
Chores Worth App
And because my boyfriend has been doing quite a lot of work on the house recently, as we are redecorating the bedroom, I had to seriously bump up all the hard work I do shopping for clothes each month!! Love it!!
Chores Worth App
Obviously I would normally win easily!! And as for my 9 year, I just realised that all he does is feed his hamster!! Lucky thing!!You can get the app from the Apple store here and the Android Market here and have hours of fun working how much all the things you do are worth! If only someone would pay me now for all that shopping I do!!

For more info and to download, click here.

Chores Worth is created by Your Cover Insurance and they are running a fab prize draw to celebrate the launch of the app. It runs til March 31st and you can enter by Liking their Facebook Page!

You can win a range of things to make life easier including Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners, De’Longhi Magnifica coffee brewers and also some iTunes vouchers and Bose SoundDocks. I’d be interested in some stylish yet comfortable shoes to make all that shopping I do easier!!

Who does the most in your house?
*This post is sponsored by Your Cover Insurance who created the Chores Worth App.

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