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iPulse – My First IPL Hair Removal Session


Well I have finally managed to let approximately 10 years of fake tan fade (as directed by the extremely clear iPulse instructions) and have taken the IPL plunge.
The plan was to start with my underarms as this is reportedly the easiest area to treat. But it was so easy and, dare I say it, fun, that I went straight ahead and did my lower legs too!
I was totally surprised at how painless it was and because I love a gadget, and a project, I have to say that I really enjoyed myself.
I had the activator gel stored in the fridge and so when I applied on the skin (which has just been shaved), it was really cooling. So when I started treating, I felt absolutely no pain. The gel is great because it looks super smooth when first applied, and then becomes stippled looking after each patch has been treated. This is fab because you can see exactly where you’ve been.
To be extra safe, the iPulse instructions suggest that you use a white eyeliner to mark out the areas to treat. I didn’t have this so I used a white eyeshadow and a wet brush. Sorted! I didn’t need to worry about this with my underarms because the area is so small, but it was a helpful tips for the legs.
So I suppose the whole session took about an hour, although I wasn’t really timing it. But it was really so much less of an ordeal than I was expecting it to be. Now I can’t wait for a week to pass by so I can have another stab at it. I am really excited to see how this first session affects regrowth at this early stage.
I will keep you updated on my quest to eradicate all unwanted hair, and if you would like more information in the meantime, visit, follow iPulse on Twitter here and Facebook here. To buy from Boots, click here.

So now that I have actually done it, I’ll be able to answers any questions you may have, so let me have them.

Can’t wait to hear from you



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  1. The Style Box December 21, 2010 at 7:56 am #

    ooohh i’m quite excited to know how well this works. its pretty pricey but if it works well then i’ll certainly be saving for one! i hate hairiness!! x

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