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Kendall Jenner Lipstick – Restless by Estee Lauder


Well I think this is a genius move from Estee Lauder. Launching today is the Kendall Jenner Lipstick shade Restless and it is an absolute beauty!



Kendall Jenner Lipstick – Restless by Estee Lauder

I can see a virtual stampede for this one! I say virtual as this is an online exclusive and one that I imagine will sell out in a matter of hours.


Kendall Jenner Lipstick – Restless by Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder is getting very social indeed, and I love it. With the power of KJ, behind it, she has instragram’d the shot below today, it may even sell out in minutes or seconds!


Kendall Jenner Lipstick – Restless by Estee Lauder

The Kendall Jenner Lipstick, Restless, is a stunning matte shade, described by Estee Lauder as “Part poppy. Part orange crush. All matte. All Kendall.” EL is seriously getting down with the kids…but in a really good way! I think Kendall is such a classic beauty and everyone needs a perfect red in their lives.

Kendall fans will adore the packaging – the case is signed and looking super beautiful.

The Estee Lauder Kendall Jenner Lipstick is £25. Find it here. Stay tuned to see product photos and swatches.




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