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L’Or De Pharaohs Anti-Aging Skin Mist Review

Nia Patten
ReallyRee Contributor

L’Or De Pharoans, also known as The Gold of the Pharoahs, is inspired by the ancient Egyptian’s love of gold. They were big gold fans, and used it on their faces to preserve their skin. It wasn’t just the Egyptians, the Ancient Chinese and Romans were at it too. They used to use gold in face masks to rejuvenate their skin. The L’Or De Pharaohs Anti-Aging Skin Mist works on this principle.

L'Or De Pharaohs Anti-Aging Skin Mist

L’Or de Pharaohs Anti-Aging Skin Mist

L’Or De Pharoans was developed by a Dutch chap named Steven De Koenigswarter. He used a silver solution to cure a chronic eye infection, when mainstream medicine was failing him. The improvement in his condition was so marked he was convinced to devote his life to researching the positive effects of precious minerals on the skin.

L’Or de Pharoans is a face mist of pure water and precious minerals. The cunning thing about L’Or De Pharoans is nanotechnology– the mineral particles are diatomic and monatomic and as small as 0.14 nanometres in size. Which is science language for bits of Gold, Platinum and Zinc that are so tiny they can get into the deep layers of your skin. That’s the issue with most skincare claims, most of the beneficial ingredients in anti-aging products cannot pass into the skin. There is no way they can have the effects they are supposed to have, because the molecules are too big to get to where they need to be. The nanoparticles in L’Or de Pharoans are in a precise ratio of particle size and concentration for maximum skin absorption.

L’Or De Pharaohs Anti-Aging Skin Mist Claims

The precious minerals in L’Or De Pharoans Anti-Aging Skin Mist have the following effects-

  • Gold– Antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti inflammatory, optimise DNA and cell repair and reduces pigmentation
  • Platinum– Tissue regeneration, detoxification
  • Zinc– Anti-inflammatory, controls oil production

They are natural antibacterials, promote microcirculation and increase cellular productivity and repair. Exactly what you want to put on your face then.

My Experience with L’Or De Pharaohs Anti-Aging Skin Mist

L'Or De Pharaohs Anti-Aging Skin Mist

L’Or de Pharaohs Anti-Aging Face Mist

The little spray bottle of L’Or De Pharaohs Anti-Aging Skin Mist is a Violet colour. The Health Factory have deliberately made the bottle violet, not just because it’s nice to look at, but also prevent oxidation of the minerals. The mist is a colourless liquid, there’s no visible sparkliness.

I use the mist immediately after cleansing my face. I’m a big fan of face mists. They deliver an immediate blast of hydration after a potentially drying cleanse and allow absorption of serums and creams. I apply the next round of skincare while the mist is still absorbing- my serum and acne cream. My skin feels a lot more comfortable than when I neglect the face mist step. There is no scent or particular texture to the L’Or de Pharaoh, it feels like water, but it absorbs well and leaves my face feeling moisturised.

Since I’ve been using L’Or de Pharoans I think my skin feels better. I feel like my acne has improved and my face seems brighter. Even though L’Or de Pharoans is described as an anti-aging mist, the anti inflammatory and anti microbial effects of precious minerals mean that it’s totally suitable for sensitive or acne prone skin. I’m quite partial to the idea of putting Gold on my face; if it’s good enough for Cleopatra!

L’Or de Pharoans Anti-Aging Skin Mist is a fine mist of rejuvenating precious nano particles and it’s available from The Health Factory for £40. Click here to buy 

Nia Patten

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