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Magnitone Wipeout! – Can You Remove Makeup With Just Water?

Makeup – we all love spending hours applying it and being creative but removing it can be a bit of chore. For me, I tend to double or even triple cleanse (no wipes for this girl!), and I will probably never move away from this. However, let’s face it, there are some nights when you just really can’t be bothered.  You’re tired, you’ve had a long day and your bed is calling your name. On nights like this, the last thing you want to do is dedicate a whole heap of time to removing your makeup, and so Magnitone (who make the most amazing cleansing brush FYI), have come up with a clever little solution in the form of the Magnitone Wipeout! (here).  There are other brands who make similar products, but this one is pink and that pleases me immensely.

Magnitone Wipeout!

Magnitone Wipeout!

Wipeout! (RRP £15.00) is a microfibre cleansing cloth that promises to remove your makeup quickly and easily without any need for cleanser – you just need warm water.

Magnitone Wipeout!

Magnitone Wipeout! Cloth

 The grab and hold microfibres remove your makeup, even oil-based products and long-wearing ones, in seconds. Best of all, it can be used alone when in you’re in a rush, or if you’re a double- cleansing fan like me you can use it for the pre-cleanse stage.

Magnitone Wipeout!

Magnitone Wipeout!

You get two cloths and each can be reused up to 1000 times, and cleaning them is simple – just chuck them in the washing machine on a 30 degree wash  – I wouldn’t recommend putting the cloths in the dryer, but they are quick-drying.  They don’t retain water like a flannel face cloth does, so they do dry a lot quicker.  The cloths are also double-sided, smear proof and eco-friendly – as in that you won’t need to use makeup wipes which fill up landfill sites.

Magnitone Wipeout!

Magnitone Wipeout! In Use

All sounds good doesn’t it, but do they really work?  In a nutshell … yes.  It definitely does remove your makeup, although I did find that it took a fair bit of effort to remove my mascara. Eyeshadow comes off quickly, as does foundation and bronzer.

Magnitone Wipeout!

Magnitone Wipeout!

However, if you plan to use it alone and not as part of a pre-cleanse stage I found that it does not leave your face feeling fully cleansed and really clean. This is a quick option for those nights when you do just want to go to bed, but it’s not something I would use on it’s own on a day to day basis.  It is a great option for the pre-cleanse stage though- especially if you have sensitive skin as it reduces the number of cleansing products you’ll have to use.

Find the Magnitone Wipeout! Cleansing cloths to order online here.



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