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Meet Wiles, the Harrods Bear for 2011


The Harrods bear for 2011 is making a serious style statement in his crisp white shirt, fancy waistcoat and a gold tie. And he’s super cute to boot!
I met the new ‘it-bear’ at the launch of the new Harrods Men’s Lab, where he was making one of his first official public appearances of the year. He is completely gorgeous and a real socialite! He was more than happy to pose for photos with his fans!
Wiles with Me!!!
Wiles with Leroy Dawkins AKA The Clotheshorse
Wiles with Prince Cassius
Wiles with the famous Green Man
Wiles has lots of plans for the fashion world with front row seats at London Fashion Week high on his agenda.

“Wiles, is named after former Harrods employee Charlie Wiles who was Head of Advertising in the 1920s and was responsible for the creation of several innovative campaigns.

His most famous moment was in 1929: Harrods invited prominent writers, including Bernard Shaw, H.G. Wells and Arnold Bennett, to create a piece of work to promote the store. When they refused in writing, claiming it was against their principles, Charlie Wiles published their rejection letters as full page adverts in the London and New York press, with portraits of the authors. Thanks to the stir that was caused, several exciting marketing opportunities ensued.”

You can buy Wiles for £29.95. He’s on my list because after showing off all my Wiles photos, my little boy is now desperate to have his very own Wiles.

Do you own any Harrods bears?

Can’t wait  to hear from you


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2 Responses to Meet Wiles, the Harrods Bear for 2011

  1. Leroy February 5, 2011 at 12:03 pm #

    love it lol it was a good night x

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  2. AMBIVALENCE February 6, 2011 at 7:02 pm #

    The bear is very nice! I bet secretly a lot of guys would like that bear.

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