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My Wardrobe in Bloom!


I’ve always wanted a beautiful garden but I’ve never been a gardener. I really don’t enjoy gardening because it’s always such a daunting task and I just don’t like getting dirty. So imagine my joy when my garden turned into a beautiful, wild and private haven, all by itself. Clever little garden of mine.
Nature unnurtured. It’s so beautiful and so unexpected that I truly feel like it’s gift from the earth. I’m sorry about the ‘over the top’, sickly sweet gushing. I’m not normally like this!

And guess what?! Now I like flowery clothes!! I’ve never been keen on floral prints and fabrics for fear of them making me look frumpy or mumsy. But right now I am so drawn to them. I have actually started to buy cute little flowery shirts and culottes and I LOVE them. I don’t feel old and frumpy, I feel fresh and bright and pretty! So is it pure coincidence that I have suddenly noticed the flowers in my garden and the flowers in fashion at the same time? Or maybe I am finally ‘at one’ with the earth – imagine me now in some yoga pose looking super spiritual. Well here I am in my floral glory for you to see. Vest and Culottes from River Isalnd.

And then I thought I’d show you something funny. Well it definitely makes me laugh. My son said that  he  wanted to start a vegetable patch in the garden. Boyfriend said he would help. I agreed and they asked me where they should put it. I said I didn’t mind where, as long as I could sit and catch up on my magazines and drink tea and just not be involved (because I still don’t like gardening). And this is what happened.
I got a vegetable patch slap bang in the middle of the lawn. Sorry, ‘lawn’ is talking it up a bit but go with it. My friends have gasped and giggled when they see what’s occurred. And it does look a bit silly. But I have to say that I am still just happy that I didn’t have to get involved and I think it’s super sweet.
What’s inspiring you in the natural world at the moment? Is it the florals that have changed or is it me? Where is your vegetable patch?!
Can’t wait to hear from you

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3 Responses to My Wardrobe in Bloom!

  1. polka dot June 10, 2010 at 9:23 am #

    Ha! I thought it was a hastily dug, shallow grave. My husband, Mr. Dot – back when we lived in a barn on Long Island, before we moved ‘home’ to London (he’s English, I’m American), wanted to start a vegetable garden, too. The whole area was just so idyllic already – and I do love gardening, and this was like a perfect ‘English’ country garden in commuting distance from NYC… anyway, yeah, it was pretty pathetically sad. At least they picked a sunny spot. He tried to start a ‘kitchen garden’ in an area that was so lushly shaded by trees. Granted, it was near the kitchen door, but that didn’t help: his poor peas never saw the light of day.

    Ree, must run out but I can’t find your email to reply with the secret code. But your photos are beautiful and large: how did you figure it out? Do you know about ‘Photobucket’? That’s what I use to upload. Whatever you’re doing, it’s working: gorgeous shots & lovely blog. Please remind me to link you if I haven’t already.


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  2. Tobi June 10, 2010 at 12:52 pm #

    Who knew those were culottes ! I love them so cute and they look great on you !

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  3. jemina June 10, 2010 at 4:37 pm #

    Hi, i am new to your blog, i must admit that i love the way you write, so clever and witty, i love the floral culottes on you, so stylish and definitely not mumsy at all, xoxo

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