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Playtex Objective 1 Size Down Review


OK. I have already mentioned these but I kind of slid them into another blog post because, in all fairness, they are the absolute opposite of attractive! But in the spirit of openness and honesty, let me introduce you to my new best friend! Say hello to Playtex Objective 1 Size Down, also known as, my super dooper amazing magic pants.
Playtex Objective 1 Size Down Review
Beauties aren’t they??! OK, beautiful they are not, but they absolutely do exactly what they promise to and they give me a flat tum, a smooth bum and a generally neat and toned appearance. They also promise long term benefits and centimetre loss.
I would not dream of wearing this dress without my magic pants. In fact I only bought it because I had them!

Playtex Objective One Size Down Review
I adore this dress but there is absolutely nowhere to hide in it – it clings to pretty much every lump and bump. I love this tube dress style but I have never really worn them because you literally can’t breathe out. But with the Playtex Objective 1 Size Down High Waist Long Leg magic pants, I don’t even need to think about anything. Even after stuffing my face at Christmas!
I have tried suck you in pants before but I have to say, these are without doubt the absolute best ones I have tried. They are really comfortable (so much so that I forget I have them on), they don’t roll down or dig in and, as long as your clothes cover them, they are entirely undetectable. Perfect. They are also great under leggings – yay!
PLUS – they have quite a lot of amazing technology worked in to them. Check this out: 

“Mineral ceramic crystals woven into the fibers of the fabric stimulate a continuous massage effect of the body, improving blood microcirculation in the area covered by the garment and facilitating the removal of toxins. Being part of the DNA of the fabric, the garment can be washed without compromising the effect of the ceramic crystals and what’s more, the product is a natural solution so that the skin absorbs no harmful ingredients.”

In fact, tests over a 28 day period have shown that you can lose centimetres if you wear them for 8 hours a day. And I was just happy with the instant effect.

I can’t vouch for that claim as I don’t wear them every day (even though I would like to!).

Playtex Objective 1 Size Down Review is available at selected Debenhams stores and all good lingerie stockists. The range comes in Waistliner (£32.00), Long Leg (£35.00) and High Waist Long Leg (£38.00) (my fave!).


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