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ReeFit: My Shock Absorber Trampoline Bounce Attack – 10 Minutes like Running A Mile!


I had some super bouncy fitness fun the other morning courtesy of the UK’s leading sports bra brand, Shock Absorber. I was going to put the Shock Absorber bra to the ultimate test!
Shock Absorber Trampoline Workout
Check me out trying to pretend there isn’t a photographer squatting in front of me!! CRINGE!!!
But apart from that Bounce Attack was such a brilliant workout and I was fabulously supported thanks to an expert bra fitting from Shock Absorber.

Working out on a trampoline is amazing! Apart from being loads of fun, it has these benefits…
  • 10 minutes on the trampoline is the equivalent of running one mile but with less impact on the joints
  • Jumping stimulates the lymphatic system. Lymphocytes protect us from viruses and bacteria
  • Trampolining burns up to 400 calories an hour but you don’t really feel like you’re working!
Shock Absorber Trampoline Workout
But it goes without saying that there is an awful lot of bounce and while this is great for everywhere else, it will cause havoc with your boobs.

There are no muscles in the breast – only the skin and the Coopers ligaments support the breast tissue. Once these have been stretched beyond their limit nothing can fix them!! So wearing a good sports bra is essential!
I bounced for half an hour and thoroughly tested out my new Red White and Blue Shock Absorber Bra. I didn’t think about my boobs once – a true sign of success!!
This is everyone after the workout looking happy and supported!!!
Shock Absorber Trampoline Workout
Check out fitness experts Caroline Sandry and Jenny Belcher at the back, and here they are modelling the Shock Absorber Max Support Bra Top…
Jenny Belcher and Caroline Sandry in their Shock Absorber Max Support Bra Tops
This Run bra is also available which I preferred the fit of:
Shock Absorber Run Bra
The bras start at £30, click here for more info. And to find out more about the trampoline website visit Shock Absorber on facebook here.
Look after your boobs girls – you only get one pair!!

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2 Responses to ReeFit: My Shock Absorber Trampoline Bounce Attack – 10 Minutes like Running A Mile!

  1. MissLyndseyJA January 15, 2012 at 6:28 pm #

    I love my shock absorber! I couldnt exercise without it xx

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  2. Stacey January 16, 2012 at 11:11 am #

    I have the run shock absorber, THE best sports bra ever! I’d love to try something like this, I’m so bored with my gym/exercise classes. You look so slim Ree xx

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