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An Underwear Epiphany

So last week I had quite a bra epiphany, if it’s possible to be that serious about such a thing! I was invited to have a professional bra fitting at Bravissimo and was promised something amazing. All the Bravissimo fitters do not use a measuring tape but actually fit by eye! Now there’s a trick! […]

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Underwear by Fauve – The Search for the Perfect Bra!

I wanted to write this post because I really struggle to find nice undies (bras to be specific) that provide comfort and support, without just looking like enormous, ugly boulder holders. I’m a 30F and anyone with slightly larger boobs will understand these difficulties. I have a couple of good fitting bras but they are not […]

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Ciate Advent Calendar: Mini Mani Month 2013 Review, Photos and Contents

Here’s another beauty advent calendar that is actually still available online. Thank goodness! Snagging your beauty calendar in time this year is getting stressful!! This is the Ciate Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar. Ciate Advent Calendar: Mini Mani Month Ciate Advent Calendar: Mini Mani Month Ciate Advent Calendar: Mini Mani Month I am absolutely in […]

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Freya Carys Longline Bra

I am having a bit of an underwear fest on the blog today!! This is my absolute favourite bra of the moment because with this, back fat is a thing of the past! Here it is! The Freya Carys Longline Bra… The knickers are lovely too but this post is all about the bra. In all […]

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Holiday Post: Freya Bikini

Now that I have got past the fear of posting my first ever swimwear photos, I have decided to do another bikini post! This time it’s Freya (still featuring the same embarrassed leg pose!). Freya Bikini Pier Collection If you are a bit busty like me, you literally cannot go wrong with Freya swimwear. I […]

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