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GENEU DNA Test Results & Skincare

So!! After checking out the new and seriously scientific (almost space age) skincare brand GENEU, which is all about DNA testing and genetic bespoke skincare, I was invited along to experience the process. This means having a DNA test to determine how I am ageing – i.e. the rate at which my collagen is breaking […]

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Skincare Expert – Needling Away the Years

‘Derma Rolling’, ‘Micro-Needling’, ‘Skin Needling’ – take your pick of terminology, they all produce the same effects, depending on the practitioner, quality of needles and technique. Skin needling, is an ancient technique It is used to induce collagen production, it can actually increase collagen up to 1000% with just one treatment. By creating a ‘trauma’ on the […]

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KENZOKI Skincare from KENZO

Exclusive to Feel Unique, KENZOKI Skincare is a line of products from KENZO for the face and body built around 3 plants from Asia: White Lotus, Ginger Flower, Rice. Take a little look! There are four different lines in the KENZOKI Skincare range and each one has its own effectiveness, scent, sensations and mood. There’s Body Care, […]

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Marste Lift Anti-Ageing Skincare Treatment Update

I just wanted to give you a quick update on the Marste Lift Anti-Ageing Skincare Treatment I had last week with Marie Reynolds. Check out my first post HERE for all the information on the treatment itself. Because I have been so impressed with the results, I have decided to pursue some more treatments to see how […]

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MARSTE Lift Anti-Ageing Skincare Treatment

One of the loveliest people on earth, super-facialist, Marie Reynolds is launching a brand new anti-ageing facial treatment that looks set to rock my world! I am trying it on Friday and I cannot wait! Here’s the lowdown on the brand new MARSTE Lift Anti-Ageing Skincare Treatment which promises to eliminate the need for cosmetic surgery. […]

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Toulou Organics Skincare Review

I have been using a couple of products from the Toulou Organics Skincare range and I really really like them. Toulou Organics was founded by Andrea Lawrence who is a Therapist/Aromatherapist and it only uses certified organic ingredients that feed and enhance the skin naturally, restoring its natural balance. Toulou Organics Skincare Review I  received […]

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