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Shooka Boot Camp Diary: Day Six and a Severe Weather Warning


Day 6 at Shooka actually turned out to be our last day of training due to the fact that we all had to make the decision to leave for fear of getting stranded. It was bitter sweet, as all our eyes were so firmly set on the goal, but of course, we knew it would be great to get home. But anyway, back to Day 6.
Day 6 was an absolutely amazing day. I love every minute of it. It felt as though my body suddenly remembered what it was like to be fit and I had so much energy and felt really strong!

I loved the circuits with weights and the Krav Maga session with combat and defence expert Will Bunding. Check him out on facebook here. He’ll soon be launching a new website that will be amazing for any girls that want to make sure they stay safe.

My favourite breakfast of the week was poached egg! Yumzzzzz!!
Our chef Sarah-Louise Patten was an absolutle superstar! Full of amazing nutrition and weight loss advice so if you’re interested in that, make sure you follow her on twitter HERE.
I had another Fake Bake Spray tan from wonderful Victoria (follow her on twitter HERE) because I was so impressed with the first one. This time I went for the 60 minute formula which develops in just 60 minutes. Because I really wanted a good tan, I left it on over night and now I am gorgeously brown. Love it!!! Pretty obsessed with Fake Bake right now.
We managed to convince our wonderful head trainer, Stuart Saxby, to have one too. Here he is straight after!!
Stuart is one of the reasons that Shooka Boot Camp is so good!! Follow Shooka on twitter HERE and Stuart on twitter HERE.
We had a lovely evening but it was a bit sad knowing it was our last. We were cheered up my a gorge chocolate ganache (factored into our calorie allowance) and a cheeky glass of Veuve Clicquot Rose as a reward for all out hard work.
Stay tuned for results time coming soon!

*I attended as a guest of Shooka Boot Camp for the purpose of review.


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  1. Bright Town Girl January 18, 2013 at 9:11 pm #

    Hello stuart, I’d go to bootcamp if I knew he was there. lol. x

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