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Shooka Boot Camp Diary: Day Five and Lava Shells Massage


Today was quite a hard one at Boot Camp. All the training sessions were quite a lot tougher but amazingly we all coped really well. Had we been made to do that on the first or second training day, we would have completely died. Really.
Everyone is so happy at how much their fitness levels have improved and the trainers are so proud too. It really does feel so good. Obviously I still ache quite a bit but I am looking forward to feeling fitter and wanting to continue to exercise.

Lovely lovely food again today. The stuffed aubergine was a highlight and I adored the chicken risotto (but didn’t get a pic of that before I ate it!).
Funny thing to report. Evidence of contraband goodies was detected at camp!! Shock horror. In order to avoid everyone getting exercise penalties, the guilty ones were encouraged to admit to any other naughty things they had tucked away.
This was the amnesty box!!
Tonight I had the most amazing full body massage I have ever had. You need to know about Lava Shells. I fell asleep. THAT NEVER HAPPENS.
The heat you get from them is amazing – so soothing and my muscles felt like they instantly relaxed. Also the massage you get from the shells is so effective and versatile. The flats of the shells feel so smooth and soothing, and the edge of the shells are absolutely amazing to really get into those stiff muscles in the most brilliant way. LOVE LOVE LOVE!
I cannot recommend a Lava Shells massage enough. Check it out at
Last thing to report – a few of us have had some problems sleeping. This is probably because we all have so much adrenalin pumping through our bodies. So today, emergency supplies of gorgeous Aromatherapy Associates Oils arrived. Yay!!
A good night’s sleep all round we hope!
Only 2 more days of training to go!!!

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